About Us

About US-

We are information dealers as we use to collect rarest information and will display them for public and private use –

We sell/give away  information for public and private use as well
contact us for more details-  

This Web site is Owned by Dreams International INC-


Our Policies-


1. this website is made for public use and we do not charge you for any information we deliver you through this website /Blog.


2. Information is taken with utmost care from internet or third party, the authenticity is verified. How  ever we do not take responsibility for the same as the information is provided from a source that is beyond our capability to control, add or detract.


3. The information given here can be used for private use and can not be broadcast  with out prior  and written permission from the webmaster or blog owner.


4. The use of information is at the risk of the user how ever the end result can be up to the description of the reader.


5. We do not violate international privacy policies nor we create private profiles under public access, how ever details must be separated among user who ever create private data. 


6. We do not take any responsibility of misuse of the information we give.


 To contact us – Logon to  Contact us  page


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