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So President Trump is  in charge  and  the USA is going through a very different path right now. What will be  the new President’s plans and actions, We have a  fairly good assumption of that here..


1. Polity towards Mexico – The great wall will   tower on the boundary with Mexico. The  wall will be higher than expected. Trump says that  it will be enough to stop the infiltration , but actually  the wall will have a human detection server system which will help to counter even tunneling.  It is going to put brakes on infiltration for sure. 


2. Policy to China  –  One China policy is assumed to be launched soon. The essence of this policy is to stop China from Plundering US markets. That will be done. Most likely, Trump will go for a  anti dumping policy as well to clear the huge stock that flood US markets with out  any reason and even with no intention to sell but just to fill the shelves.  In SOUTH CHINA  sea there will be bigger problems as US will help countries in that regions against China militarily and in every possible manner including diplomatic relations . But there is less chance for a open confrontation with US . 


3.  Policy on illegal immigrants – Trump will soon evict illegal immigrants starting with  Mexicans. The strict policy is to stop illegal immigrants from Latin America and other countries. More over, over staying visitors who  work in US on a visitor visa will be tracked soon using registry facility. 


4. Policy and procedure of Islamic Terrorism – US will join hands with Russia to destroy ISIS in Iraq and Syria. More over Trump is looking forward to work in  co operation with Russia to form a greater front against Global terrorism. Sooner or later this will be done.


5.  Out sourcing and American jobs- Buy/ hire American – policy. – Very strictly Trump will start  to work on this.  On words the policy will be known as Buy American goods and Hire  American job seekers. It will be strictly implemented in non- skilled Labor – Later the skilled jobs also will be included in .  The IT out sourcing will  slow down. That will hit IT companies in India . The call centers will be hit with this policy as there will be no more such work  coming from  the US.  Europe will soon follow the suit which Trump has set for  the US .  The IT related industry in India and other countries  will have to bear the burnt. 


6. Russia a myth in reality- Join hands with Russia is often good for  the US.  Trump says so. The powerful nuclear nations will join together as no enemy can ever create troubles. Russian and US forces  together are  capable to win any war against any nation within days. Most powerful nations will work together based on certain terms and ideologies. 


7. Policy towards Domestic tax – Tax policies are in testing and reviews . The final draft will be done in 6 months. Tax reforms will always favor the common man to protect their interest .


8. Health Policy-  OBAMA care is under review and soon will be taken in to individual level. More details will be updated by Government sooner or later. 


9. NATO no more- or NATO only for those who contribute –  NATO  has many nations those who do not contribute force or money to the treaty. Trump is of the opinion that there is no need to safeguard such nations who do not contribute and exist at the expense of US  tax payers .  Instead NATO will be re constituted  to include those countries  who contribute in terms of money and force. 


10. North KOREA-  issue will be solved with a sudden pre emptive strike on North Korea where all it weapons will be destroyed. Trump’s policy will not be any different from the previous US Government.  Kim  will be finished even before realizes what is taking place . There are other ideas to end the regime-  A military cue to finish off  KIM using officers like Choi San Hua, Kim Man su or  using an assassin team to kill KIM, before it is too late.  


11. European Union  and USA- USA will lead and EU will follow. There will  be no difference in the policies which both sides follow. But migration related issues must be solved soon by EU and will cast a good or bad impression.  US  will   re evaluate them soon. 


12.  UN-  USA will cut down the aid to UN unless UN plays along with the US ambitions and interests like pampering ISRAEL. There is no escape route for the UN as European Union will follow the  US  . UN WILL BE FORCED  to approve them and their decrees. 


13. Over all facelift of United States. -US will regain its past glory soon. They rule the world.. Trump will lead the flow. Hope  the US will get back what they lost in the woods. 


Conclusion-   US will rise again and Trump sees a new policy in all matters which will create golden path to US. and the core of policy is –  YOU CANNOT  EXPECT TO LIVE AT THE  EXPENSE OF  THE US AND ITS TAX PAYERS MONEY-

 More details- Always Contact-   pockan@gmail.com 


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