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Tremendous Success For Apple- Latest 4 Inch iphone can make big difference

Tremendous Success For Apple- Latest 4 Inch iphone can make big difference

Well Apple’s smart and controversial decision to super size its iphones have paid off in a big way.iPhone 6 sales are booming and according to a new report  Apple is not done yet with it’s 4-inch version of the iPhone 6.It is still  in development to appeal to those still skeptical of  the larger screens.

According to the reports the 4-inch iPhone 6 will be launched next year to replace the iPhone 5C.Is it true?Well it is impossible to to know at this stage, but market experts say that the demand for a 4-inch iPhone 6 is growing and  Apple would be crazy not to exploit the market.

When the proportional size of a 4-inch iPhone 6 ‘mini’is compared to that of  iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus,it is evident that

Apple is not the greatest promoter of choice. The company decides what is best for its customers and then it is Apple’s decision. However discarding the size of its most popular ever product takes a lot of courage even for  a company like Apple.

Moreover, despite the success of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus,  a large number of grumbling iPhone owners are unwilling to go bigger size. Eventually time will make them accept the product, but till then one has to wait and watch their move.

The popularity of  iPhone can be easily understood. Apple was the pioneer in introducing touch screen phones besides creating the market for touch screen phones. They also developed multiple new markets for these products along with making  app stores and after market accessories popular.

The creation of each iPhone along  the same lines has seen tremendous success, inspite of  the occasional hiccups or complaints from from detractors.

Tremendous Success For Apple- Latest 4 Inch iphone can make big difference

Tremendous Success For Apple- Latest 4 Inch iphone can make big difference



Tremendous Success For Apple- Latest 4 Inch iphone can make big difference

Real facts –

As usual this latest iphone from Apple is unique in its design,  hardware and software and  high-quality apps. The Company has carried the same tradition in its latest 4 inch iphone.But the similarity ends here.It is totally new both inside and outside.The  new  Apple iphone6 has been designed to cter to those who prefer larger screens.This is in keeping up with the  increase in the quantity of content we consume on our phones.

The arrival of  Apple’s iPhone 6 were delayed  by several weeks either due to higher demand for the bigger model or because supply could not meet demand. The inconvenience was evident as  Apple Store didn’t open to cater to the preorders on time .

Whenever Apple  products  go on sale, it has managed to sell out its products quickly . In the year 2012 ,Apple sold out of its iPhone 5 launch-day stock within 24 hours. The First weekend sales amounted to  more than 5 million.

The long preorder wait  for Apple’s iphone 6 offer an early indication of increased demand for the smartphones, which  has a bigger screen and is  a substantial upgrade from previous year’s model . AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel said Friday morning that preorders so far have been better than in the last two years. He added that preorders are “always a dynamic process,” including shipping times.

The company’s website said that the iPhone 6 Plus would be available to ship in three to four weeks, while the iPhone 6 would be available in 7 to 10 business days.

AT&T said on its website the iPhone 6 Plus would ship between November 2 and 27, while the iPhone 6 would ship in 21 to 35 days. Sprint’s site provided a “shipping alert,” saying some devices may be delayed. The company said “we’ll do our best” to get the iPhone 6 to preorder customers by Sept. 19, when the iPhone 6 officially goes on sale, but noted that the 64-gigabyte and 128GB models of the iPhone 6 Plus will take up to three weeks to reach customers, and the 16GB version won’t ship for four to six weeks.

Verizon said models of the iPhone 6 will be delivered by Sept. 19 to Oct. 7, but the iPhone 6 Plus will arrive by Oct. 21. T-Mobile said it’s experiencing a similar difference in shipping times, too, but added that it’s seeing “incredible demand” for the new phones.

A Sprint representative had no comment on the difference in shipping times. Apple and Verizon representatives weren’t immediately available for comment.


Tremendous Success For Apple- Latest 4 Inch iphone can make big difference

More specific details

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will be sold for $199 for a version with 16GB of storage space. The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus starts at $299 for its 16GB version — $100 more. In the UK, an unlocked iPhone 6 will start at £539, and the iPhone 6 Plus will start at £619.

The iPhone is Apple’s most important device and its biggest moneymaker, accounting for more than half of sales. Despite the iPhone’s huge success, Apple has been challenged by a trend toward bigger-screen smartphones from Samsung, HTC and others. Introducing larger screens with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus will help it please current customers and possibly tempt some buyers away from its competitors.

The new iPhones are a big jump over the 4-inch screen found in last year’s iPhone 5S and 5C. In addition to being slimmer and lighter, both models also include a 64-bit A8 processor with improved graphics, an improved 8-megapixel rear camera, better battery life and an NFC chip that allows you to use the phone to make payments. Apple’s iphone 6 will hit the market before the year ends.

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Tremendous Success For Apple- Latest 4 Inch iphone can make big difference


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