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SPUD Sound Pick Replacing Stethoscope

SPUD Sound Pick Replacing Stethoscope

Can you imagine a doctor with No stethoscope but with a small device called  SPUD that can measure your heart  and get details of your thoracic area. I hope by 2020 you will see this every where. Sorry Stethoscope… Adieu .. after  2 centuries.. of use.

SPUD Sound Pick-Up Device Hopes to Replace  medical  Stethoscopes. Perhaps one of the greatest inventions in medical history after Penicillin drugs by Fleming


SPUD Sound Pick Replacing Stethoscope

– It is a reality


tethoscopes are  really the most important symbol of medical professionals. We cannot imagine a doctor without  stethoscope  around the neck. It indicates their trust worthiness and has a cooling effect on patients.

A 2012 research demonstrated that among several icons of healthcare, the stethoscope had the highest positive impact on the perceived trustworthiness of the practitioner
The stethoscope was invented in  1816 by René Laennec of Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital in Paris.
In 1851, Irish physician Arthur Leared invented a binaural stethoscope.


SPUD Sound Pick Replacing Stethoscope

SPUD Sound Pick Replacing Stethoscope

SPUD Sound Pick Replacing Stethoscope

–                     A technology coming soon

Notwithstanding the great advantages , Stethoscopes have many limitations as well.  They’re not exactly rigid, but their normal  flexibility is limited in inspecting thoracic and  chest portion of patients often or some times get in to problems.

So  many of them were thinking of a new device to replace this aging Stethoscope.  In 2014  Stethoscope Technologies – a stethoscope related inventers – has developed a sound pick-up device  that’s basically just a chest piece that can be connected to any pair of headphones. It is far and highly effective to pick up even slightest sound variations.

SPUD can be connected to chest area of the patient and is  attached headphones, having a  flexible cord can be used very much comfortably  with far more faster diagnosis of whether the heart is beating or whether the area has any problems. The company is done with proto type and is looking for investors to begin manufacturing the device.

The  prototyped proven a patented Sound Pick Up Device  can be effectively used in emergency situations and convenient than normal Stethoscope. This can also be used by common men or non medical professionals to detect during emergency situation to find out if a person is alive or actually dead .

The SPUD  is under more valuable testing. to find out  if it can be connected to handsets of cell phones to re produce valuable sound details from patient. The reader  who is the doctor can stay in his clinic or hospital  or else where  can still understand the situation while the  patient  operates from his or her end.

Await  for a better  tomorrow …. friends… many more to come…stay and enjoy.



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  1. Excellent post, I am waiting for this new equipments.

    Posted by Carmen Chung | November 13, 2014, 9:52 am


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