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Self-driving Autonomous cars- Technology of Tomorrow

Self-driving Autonomous cars- Technology of Tomorrow – 

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Self-driving  Autonomous cars- Technology of Tomorrow 

Now all you have to do is just simply sit back and  enjoy the drive. The car will take you to where ever you like , you don’t need to pay salary to the driver. No more tension, no more problems.

Do you agree that Self-driving  Autonomous cars is the Technology of Tomorrow . If yes ,this is a positive vote for the invention.

You believe or not the self driving auto cards will flood our black top roads sooner or later with a bang in nearest future. It is more to think about safety of this invention over convenience.

But seriously, will you allow yourself seated in a car driving itself?Give me an honest reply… friends… … … after all you are taking away your own emotions … including fear while you travel… in a robotic influence…

Hi… I have some level of enthusiasm but I am not much comfortable to accept this  at this point.  Well Brandon Schoettle and Dr. Michael Sivak of University of Michigan ( TRI department  ) conducted a study around the Glob covering many countries about this concern. Including US, UK Australia, China, India etc.

Self-driving  Autonomous cars- Technology of Tomorrow 

Well almost every where they found very nice welcome to new technology. ” I am ready … thrash or damn any casualties.. ” Robson from UK said.

In India almost all were supporting the induction of this technology to the auto world. China says auto driving is ok but must be regulated by human brain to some extend.

Both countries are ready to spend money for this purpose. Developing auto or robotic car is convenience they said

General motors are planning to come up with hands-free and feet-free technology which allow them to create prototypes and later wider limousines which will drive self.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra said of this technology ” We want to serve people with more successful approach ”

Self-driving Autonomous cars- Technology of Tomorrow

Self-driving Autonomous cars- Technology of Tomorrow

Self-driving  Autonomous cars- Technology of Tomorrow

Do you know per year or every years… Federal government is losing $870 billion on road accidents. The new technology can stop that.

The test and prototypes- You may be wondering who is behind these thing all… Aren’t you?

The year  2010, the Institute of Control Engineering of the Technische Universität Braunschweig demonstrated the first autonomous driving on public streets in Germany. The car had proven fantastic capacities of running in traffic with no efforts from human handlers.

In 2013  VisLab conducted  executioner  test of autonomous vehicles just used a robotic vehicle drove in city Parma with no human in command and control. The robot negotiated the round about well  censored traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and all other road bound common problems.

Companies and their efforts-  Hai now you get a car .. you drive.. will you… No more a exclusive property of some science exhibition but you find them on black tops..

More over, Nissan announced its plans to launch several driverless cars by 2020. May companies may follow suit. But Nissan is heading to the first ever commercially successful model of self driving cars.

In October 2014. Tesla said that they are making  superior model of Autopilot, cars equipped with own system are capable of lane control with autonomous steering, more safer braking and  excellent speed limit with sensor fit for signals image recognition. This auto driving system can even park cars more than that it can automatically update installed system software time to time from a company server through Cable less internet. Hiii now you will gasp…. where is the technology  heading to…

On May 27, 2014, Google proclaimed genuine plans to create100 autonomous cars just to built from scratch inside Google’s  auto X lab rather than simply modifying existing vehicles. Since this is google and has enough logistic and technical support, they may be successful in this venture…

But what about safety concern –  Yes they are… people are arguing as follows…

Such auto driving vehicles can blindly follow rules set prior and in an emergency situation they will fail… and will create severe accidents on roads.

Some are saying , such vehicles will start to flood the roads and will start to make traffic jams  as they do not care what traffic police and instructions bring in with time to time effect.

These kind of vehicles can be planted with bombs and can send to destinations to detonate the bombs in apt time to damage law and order through terrorist activities.

Many more  concerns arise as well..

what do you feel? will you take up these concerns  seriously… certainly many are…

But bottom line is there. Those who vote for self dive are drivers who
are even not ready to drive…

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  1. One day average 10% peoples are killed by accident, self driving cars lunched means death rate surely increased in 20%.

    Posted by Steve Alexi | November 10, 2014, 5:22 am

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