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Is US Policy Changing Against ISIS

 Is US Policy Changing Against ISIS 

 I was wondering why US is not attacking ISIS as a whole to eliminate the organization , instead they  just aim their Gun to some of the top leaders only. Why? I am sure that you too harbor the same doubt and may have a clear answer for that. 

Iraq and Syria is in fire for last many months as ISIS has already occupied vast areas of vacant land and  have established the so called Islamic state. They encroached  most part of Iraq and are all set to attack Baghdad. They attempted to attack and capture Irbil , which is capital of Kurdistan. Now US which once supported the ISIS actions  are turning against them and  have started to act against the attackers. 

Finally now  U.S.-led coalition conducted a series of air strikes targeting a gathering of Islamic State leaders near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. The ground based intelligence stated that US needs to destroy the head leaders of fundamentalist group so that second level leaders who are in their favor can take control.

There are many reasons for this immediate action. Here are some of them. 

The air strikes  in Mosul might  have destroyed 10 Islamic state armed trucks, 4 Tanks. 4 Towered artillery pieces. 10 trucks with mounted Guns and at least 300 cadres. It indicates that Baghdadi is seriously wounded and is doubtful to survive. 


Is US Policy Changing Against ISIS

                Is this an Eye wash 


 Now let us look in to the fact – why US started  to pick up these leaders for the first time? Why don’t they bomb all installations of ISIS together with their multi bombers. 

 Reason is simple. US needs no emergency to end the war in Iraq or Syria. The actual aim is to keep their interests in the region and end the voices which are coming against their participation in the region. 

They have clear cut ambitious plans to run their proxies in that area. ISIS is a deadly combination against Iran which can check Iran from becoming a regional super power. This way U.S. can block them from training their guns against Israel. But ISIS is a maverick group and US needs more control over them to achieve their goals which they aim. 

Why Does America Bombs Islamic State Leaders – There are many reasons for that. Some are mere calculations. while some have evidence and proof. The guess is also there as US interests must be or will be kept through second level leaders as well and US need to eliminate Top leaders. 

 Lat week One coveted magazine asked their readers same question – Is US Policy Changing Against ISIS – what do you think? Let us ask the same question to you. 

 Leaders are now increasingly against US interests. – Baghdadi and  other main leaders have found that US is in severe problem as  it has  no option but to support the ISIS.The U.S can in no way ditch ISIS as it has concrete aims and goals in that region. This is the ultimate reason why the top leaders start to take advantages over US interests and pose more problems in the region. 

Baghdadi and other leaders start to take control by exploiting US Vulnerability- As I said earlier they start to black mail US and ask US to turn a blind eye to all  atrocities they commit. They go to the extent of  hampering international peace which is  quite a dicey situation  for the  US .This way the ISIS are more of a thorn in the flesh for the US  and are trying to rule the region at it’s expenses  . 

ISIS is a burden to US now than it was 2 months ago- Initially they were torturing minorities very badly and later on they moved to Kobani a small city in Syrian border and started to capture areas there. This will cut off US access to Syria through ground from their ally Turkey which  is not acceptable to  the US. Besides the ISIS rampage was inhuman which brought an end to the so called adjustment US has with ISIS leaders. Nevertheless the  US will never move completely against the ISIS as it  has bigger interests in that area. 

Is US Policy Changing Against ISIS

              Just some excuses prevails


At present, US is left with no options but to eliminate leaders- US secret spy agencies started to work out the plan in September that they must know the real solution to keep on US interests in the region. So they decided to form a list of so called estranged leaders who were against US. and they also formed a list of possible leader ship for an eventuality in case these top leaders are eliminated. They formed this list on the basis of intelligence they got from insiders. This led to a plan to eliminate the entire top leaders and let the second level to capture power so that   US can automatically run the proxy. How ever the bombing was not so accurate but more than 7 leaders dead. Baghdadi’s whereabouts  and condition is unknown though he  managed to survive with injuries.  Now you tell me really what do you think ? Is US Policy Changing Against ISIS

Is US Policy Changing Against ISIS

Is US Policy Changing Against ISIS

What will be the next step-  My guess is as good a yours… Don’t you agree? Nobody can resist the temptation to lick the finger dipped in pie. US will continue to keep its interests  alive in the region by creating a new level of leaders for ISIS and  keep mounting pressure and  tension in the region  to safeguard  its overall interest . The oil rich nations have problems in political arena which is conducive for the US to stay active in the region and pursue it’s ambition. While pretending to find possible  solutions  for the problems in the region the US will stake claim of their share in dictating the happenings there. We can not expect a clear cut end or  solution to this until there is oil in the region . 

  So here the question again –  Is US Policy Changing Against ISIS  try to find an answer yourself from facts given above.


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