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Is the Pebble Steel most Stylish Smart watch on earth

Is the Pebble Steel most Stylish Smart watch on earth

Smart watches are indeed the next big thing on the anvil. It helps us to stay connected, updates us on the  latest happenings, and gives a feeling of living in future. Virtually every mobile phone maker has put their fingers into smart watch pie, including Apple, which is going to release its much-hyped smart watch next year. There are also many companies who are focused on manufacturing only smart watches, and they’re  doing some really interesting things.

The reality is that most people probably don’t have a need for a smart watch, at least not yet. Smart watches do have some uses, and if you’re  a loyal wearing a  traditional watch on your wrist, there are some good reasons to consider switching over to a smart watch.

Is the Pebble Steel most Stylish Smart watch on earth 

Is the Pebble Steel most Stylish Smart watch on earth

Is the Pebble Steel most Stylish Smart watch on earth

Some proofs

Basically a good smart watch caries out  three things: it tells you the time, you can see the notifications that appear on your phone, and  most importantly it looks absolutely good. You don’t feel that you’re wearing a computer on your wrist everywhere you go. This way, you can keep your phone in your bag or pocket and take it out  only for important notifications.

Many smart watches do more than the job of a watch. It could vary from  counting your steps, searching the web, and running a variety of apps. Some even let you order your pizza using your voice  or send a quick message. However, the best smart watches focus on the core features and put the extra features on the sidelines.

Unlike smart phones, which are all rather similar at this point, there are a ton of different smart watches available — different shapes, different sizes, different platforms, different ideas of what makes a good smart watch. If you want to live the future, today, this is what you should buy.

Finally the Pebble Smart watch has arrived earlier this year. There were some doubts at first, but after a good wait of 6 months and  a number of updates under its belt, we give you an insight of this smart watch and find out how far it’s come. It’s hard to believe or come to terms with the fact that the best smart watch you can buy isn’t from Apple, or Google, or Microsoft, or Samsung.

It’s from tiny Pebble, a hardware startup that so captured the hearts and minds of gadget fans in 2012 that it shattered Kickstarter records on its way to millions in crowd sourced funding. The first Pebble watch, released almost exactly a year ago, finally made the smart watch accessible to regular people. At $150, it’s almost cheap, it works, and it doesn’t try to do too much: it flashes notifications about texts and emails and phone calls from your smart phone, and if you’re feeling particularly saucy you could control music playback on your wrist. Compared to wildly ambitious but unfocused competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Metawatch, the Pebble is an object lesson in doing more with less. 

Is the Pebble Steel most Stylish Smart watch on earth

Yes may be absolutely right


The physical design remains more or less the same as its  basic features are largely unchanged. But the most thrilling aspect in the whole episode is the growing developer community around the Pebble platform. In spite of not being  the most consumer friendly device in the market, the Pebble is the most favored smart watch  for those who are willing to give a shot.

As far as physical design is concerned  the simple and understated design adds elegance to the Pebble smart watch. It is far better looking than its counterparts. The best thing about its polyurethane band is that it can  be swapped in any standard 22mm watchband.

The Pebble smart watch is available in  different colors-black, white, red, orange, or gray. The single button on the left side opens the Menu page and you can navigate using the the Up, Down, and Select buttons on the right side. The backlight of the watch can be activated by tapping any of the buttons on the smart watch, even as  quick flicks of your wrist light up the display, with a gentle touch. The face of the watch can be customized to suit the taste of the wearer. There are about nine choices ranging from a standard analog look to a futuristic dot matrix till the last reports came out.

It is a smart watch that can be worn  even while you swim or take a shower as it  has a waterproof rating of 5 ATM and is tested in both fresh and salt water. The battery will last for more than seven days of use and can plug the included USB cable into a computer or a wall charger from a smart phone. The only things included in the box are the watch itself and the charging cable.

As it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the Pebble  smart watch makes  notifications accessible on  your wrist .Unfortunately, because of Android’s shoddy support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE, which is only available in Android 4.3, the Pebble team is focusing its efforts on iOS development for now.


We’ve already talked about the Pebble, the smart watch that just works, and now they’ve decided to launch a new version that does all the same amazing things, but looks great at the same time. You can still get your notifications from either iPhone or Android, you can customize the watch face to look like anything you want, and you can look good doing it.

The new Pebble Steel is made of either black matte or stainless steel, comes with leather or metal bands, and costs $249, a full hundred bucks more than the regular Pebble watch, which you can get on Amazon for $149, but it often goes on sale for even cheaper. And no, the original model isn’t going away.


Smart watch is still in its nascent stage and despite its many improvements, the Pebble is still more for the avid geek than for a regular consumer. Nevertheless if  you’re set on joining the smart watch bandwagon, the Pebble is your best bet for its simplicity and growing feature set. There’s only one problem: it’s kind of ugly.

On the flip side many believe that one need not carry a smart watch if one has a smart phone. Moreover to rule the market  a smart watch should stand on its own. There are complaints that the  pebble watch support is lousy and  it is easy to get scratches on it. you will have to buy a screen protector for it. A lot of people are all ready selling Pebble watches on ebay even without charging them. It does not work very good with ios ,there is no sdk All the buttons not working right and the battery does not last as long that it should. People are just waiting  for the iwatch to come out or something better.

Some feel that Pebble watch is  a throw-away product, as the battery can not be replaced — the plastic casing of the watch is completely sealed. The support is not up to the expectations there is no phone number to contact. So some think it is just a waste of money.

But many have a different opinion about the new Pebble Steel .At a cost of  $249   you get almost the same internals as the original Pebble inside a tighter, smaller metal case that comes with metal and leather bands. There’s also an all-new app for iOS and Android, and with a new Pebble app store you can customize your watch much easier than ever. The little company that is leading the smart watch market is going ahead with its trendy design and software while still maintaining its lead — but the big question is whether it can maintain its speed to remain ahead.

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