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Is Jolla’s Open Source Tablets Most Popular

 Is Jolla’s Open Source Tablets Most Popular  

 Do you know … It is said by Jolla itself that- ” Jolla Tablet’s Sailfish operating system will be unlike anything you’ve tried before. Once you try it, you’ll never want to go back. Independent and powered by open source, change whatever you like, whenever you like. “.It is a unique product that respects your privacy while enabling you to multitask. It works in sync with your natural hand movements thus making it super fast. You can have all the apps you want. If  an app doesn’t exist, you can always make it. Jolla is a continuously evolving product powered by people. The design is functional, minimal and stylish.

They them selves said of their latest coveted product.

Jolla is set up by a former Nokia executive based on Meego OS normally but  with help of 5,325 people they have raised more than  $900000 for new and latest  crowd funding campaign  – Just more than 3800 purchases too.


Is Jolla’s Open Source Tablets Most Popular

                    More significant information is here about prices-

Jolla tablet is offered at a crazy price.The company executive told that ” The first 1,000 contributors got the tablet for $189; the next 1,000 for $199 and  2,000 tablets priced at $204″

Price will go up to $250 soon. And hope for the best that the tablets are scheduled for delivery around May.

“I’m not sure that we can look at the performance of the Indiegogo campaign and necessarily understand how  it is going to fare in the market,” Jeff Orr, a senior practice director at ABI Research, told LinuxInsider.

“Jolla will post a benefactors list of the first 500 purchasers plus those who bought all 4,000 preproduction units, and I’m curious as to how many of them will be of Finnish descent,” he continued.

Attributions are as follows. it has 7.85-inch capacitive 5-point multitouch IPS display with 330 pixels per inch resolution at 2048 x 1536 pixels.

It has a 64-bit 1.8 GHz quad-core Intel processor; 2 GB of RAM; 32 GB of memory and a micro

It has  5-MP rear camera   2-MP front camera,

Always supports  WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0.

It has  standard sensors — an accelerometer, and light and proximity sensors

It runs on v2.0 of Sailfish, a mobile OS that combines the advanced Linux kernel with Jolla’s own OS Mer

It has  multitasking Lipstick graphical shell

The Sailfish OS works with gestures. It runs Sailfish native apps.

The Sailfish OS also runs Android apps also any GNU/Linux-based OS, it might be able to run other GNU/Linux apps.

The Sailfish has no back doors, and Jolla pledges not to share or sell users’ data.

The tablet offered through Indigogo will be available in the United States,


Is Jolla’s Open Source Tablets Most Popular

               Reasons are here-

“They wouldn’t even be in the top 15 [tablet vendors] if they shipped 1 million tablets a year,” Orr pointed out. “Even if they shipped 1 million units a quarter, that would be a blip.”

“This showcases that there are strong markets for devices that focus on the unique needs of defined groups,” Enderle said. “We are still mostly in a Model T market right now, and it appears the market wants to aggressively expand into one that has far more unique and better-focused offerings.”

Is Jolla's Open Source Tablets Most Popular

Is Jolla’s Open Source Tablets Most Popular

Hope Jolla will have a lasting impression in this market sooner or later. It gives a totally different experience  of interacting with a device.


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