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Iran and USA War

Is ISIS A Creation Of America


The story of War on terror starts from Iraq’s  Kuwait Invasion in August 1990.  When Saddam Hussein’s forces invaded Kuwait, the US and other international forces pushed them back. After the war Muslim world thought US will go back. But they stationed in Middle east by squeezing oil of middle east countries. This started the Terrorist activities in world mostly against US interests by a man called  Osama Bin Laden.

The consequences led To Hijacked US Commercial Jets that  were used to attack WTC in New York by terrorists on Tuesday,   September 11, 2001. The attacks killed 2,996 people and caused at least $10 billion in property and infrastructure damage.

US and allies started war on terror against Jihadies which destroyed Afghanistan and Taliban. New government was formed in Afghanistan but  US forces  continued to be stationed there. This is the reason of Insurgency around the world.

In 2003 US attacked Iraq which resulted in ousting the strong  Government of Saddam Hussein. This led to complete chaos in the once so powerful  state of Iraq. There was a vacuum created in the seat of  power. A Shia  government was formed , but Sunnis didn’t compromise. They decide to go against the newly formed Government . The result was long standing conflicts in Iraq and  peaceful  citizen life was destroyed for ever.

In 2011 , a civil war or uproar happened in Syria against the ruler  President Bashar al-Assad. US and Turkey was against him and helped a lot of insurgence with logistical and technical as well training facilities. US helped a group called ISIS with money and facilities in Turkey to train them.  They even released a Terrorist leader called Baghdadi from Cuban Guantanamo jail  to lead this Group. The ISIS was thus created with much help from  the US  to protect their own interests. The ideology of the group was already installed by Iraq’s fallen Sunni clerics.

The ISIS was formed like this by US for their own interests.


There is enough evidence to believe so….

How they aligned with Baghdadi  to form ISIS to create constant problem in Middle east?

The so called ISIS leader  Baghdadi, better known as the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was  the inmate of The Guantanamo Bay detention camp .He was released one fine morning by US officials with out any clear certification that this dreaded terrorist is not a terrorist. But with out even a mention in The Guantanamo Bay detention camp mentions or dispatches he was released.  Why? this question is yet to be answered. The reality is US is covering him from its own bombing by giving him prior knowledge about the locations they are going to bomb.  To keep him alive for some more time is important to US interests in that region.

Why US air drops medicine and weapons ” by mistake” to ISIS? –

While dropping food items, arms for fighting Kurds in Kobani US fighter transport jets dropped most of these items to ” Enemy ” territory  to ISIS why? Answer is not given by Pentagon so far. Do you believe US military ground intelligence has no idea about the enemy territory. Can’t they find ISIS from their black color flag. More over it is an evident US do not want to wipe out ISIS for the lack of logistic which is other wise difficult for them to pass on to them in normal procedure.

Why US allow ISIS to export Oil , illegally instead of bombing all oil installation together?

Every one knows US war technology is bets in the world and they can even bomb minutest  parts of the ground simply by dropping laser guided war heads. But they fail to bomb convey of ISIS or their Oil transport to Turkey and other countries. US have still not used carpet bombs to destroy Oil transport facilities or convoys which ISIS carries to Turkey for re -sales. Why doesn’t US use weapons to stop this from air, even though they have taken several photos of the movement of transportation. Why do they allow ISIS to sell oil in black market and get cash. This is clear indication that US has hidden interests in this matter.


Why US allowed ISIS to kill own Journalists.

The US journalist Steven Sotloff  was fearless war reporter who had covered more than 35 instances. He had traveled to Raqqa in Syria which is other wise known as ISIS’s capital. No one has touched him there for more than 25 days. While he was backing from city he passed  some secret note about ISIS and  American Authorities to a friend who was working in NY times, hoping it will redch in news paper office. But that didn’t happen.  Instead Steven Sotloff  was taken in to custody by some other group ( Arranged by US?) near Turkish border later and was executed by be heading by some one posed like ISIS … No one has any clue about who is behind this drama. This was happened to many more US journalists who was operating in the ISIS region.



More details and proof for this –


How they stopped ISIS from just some bombs from taking Arbil while why thy fail in Kobani and else where?

In August Kurdish forces and Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters were clashing in a town only 40 kilometers (25 miles) southwest of the Kurdish regional capital of Arbil in northern Iraq, which has many US diplomats. US has so much interest in the Arbil. They warned ISIS but Islamite continue their pursuit using  ” the  so called stolen ” US weapons. Actually these weapons were supplied by US 3 months ago to ISIS to fight against Syria government itself. Finally what has happened?  In order to save Arbil the US bombed ISIS with deadly accurate Laser photon bombs. It was estimated that the bomb killed more than 2000 fighters and hundreds of vehicles with in minutes which made them withdrawn from Arbil suburbs. But why don’t the US use the same weapons while they Bomb the Syrian town Kobani? There is No clear answer from US.  They have no interest to curb ISIS their only aim is to keep them away from their own interests. And finally use to achieve their goals.

Why don’t US allow Syria to use chemical weapons even against cruelest ISIS ?

President Bashar al-Assad has chemical weapons and he is always ready to use them against ISIS and other insurgents who fight against Government in that country. If sued the whole ISIS war front can be wiped out in minutes. But US do not allow. why? ISIS is doing all kind of inhuman activities so why can’t they be  bombed with chemicals? Here some thing is going wrong. US actually want  President Bashar al-Assad and his government crippled and stop them from attacking ISIS.

Why don’t  they cut down ISIS bank money movements ?

Whole banking system in the world is functioning on  the basis of US dollars, and based on federal reserves. If ISIS needs weapons and food  they need to make remittance.  Why can’t the US put a curb on that? Why didn’t /don’t they do this? No satisfactory answer from Federal Government and treasury. Mean time they effectively did this to Iran and many other countries.






The exact reason for this action-

There are  many more proof s to confirm that the US is the real creator of ISIS. And more evidences are around as well.
But there is a question what  they need from ISIS – Here is the answer.

How US contain Iran and its Oil by using ISIS?

Iran has been a thorn in the ass for US since1979 Islamic revolution. They created problems in the Middle east which hurt US interests. They were long  trying for a solution to counter this. Moreover, US has other interests which included a strong grip on the oil rich nation Iran. Finally US decided  to install a counter measure in the form of  ISIS. They turned the Sunni majority through  ISIS against  shia nationalists of Iran to make a formidable defense to counter Iranian attacks that block US interests in the middle east. This is already successful through the US- SAUDI-QATAR –


What is the future of Syria , Iraq And Islamic caliphate ?

Syrian future is doomed. It is clear as the broad daylight that the  country  will never remain  its old status. Syria will be divided into many pieces and each will fight with the other endlessly. The US will take employ its troops  in different places only to elevate the problems day by day.  Since Kurds will support US , they too will get a piece of the cake.. in the form of a full fledged nation called Kurdistan – which will keep them happy. Iraq also will be in same situation and will fight as 5 parts. It will never be the same Iraq of Saddam’s era.


What can be done now-

Just pray and hope for the better. We can not be a part of these never ending conflicts. No one will be allowed by so called forces who have their own interests to destabilize the region. Let us hope that humanity and freedom will finally win over Evil and give way to a new life of peace and prosperity.



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