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How Russia Will Counter Anti Ballistic Missile Defense By NATO

How Russia Will Counter Anti  Ballistic Missile Defense By NATO 

It is a serious concern for many nations to keep their security level up to the mark.  Russia and China counter same concerns so as US and other NATO  and Non NATO countries as well. India and Other Middle east countries including Israel face same issues in their security map.

The growing concern is about anti missile system developed by NATO which they deploy against Russia and China  to counter ICBM threats from these countries. So the power of these countries will be tilted and they will be vulnerable to more serious mishandling by NATO forces.  Russia has serious concern about AMD facilities created near its regions in Poland while China has same about Japan’s set up of AMD.

India and many other countries has similar issues about nullifying the strength of their deterrents using  Anti Missile Shield which  in another way can be used as a provocative or even attacking facility by creating one sided destruction inflicted on receiver using attackers’ own nuclear capacity.

Let us take Russia as example. Here we can describe things as per Russian model of countering Anti  Ballistic Missile Defense ,which or similar steps can be taken by other Nations who are fearing NATO or other AMD related counter measures against their own  deterrence.


How Russia Will Counter Anti  Ballistic Missile Defense By NATO

What Russia Can Do?

First of all Russia itself has a great Anti Missile system different in tracking facility and action from NATO based land or Cruise Anti Ballistic Missile Defense. The Russian Anti Ballistic Missile Defense is far powerful still not much known but instead of main heat- seeking  anti missiles Russia using heating seeking combined with Image tracking system which is unknown to US counter parts. The applied version of ultimate Russian  PLA Low Band Surveillance Radar System can correlate with this.

The main concern is  A-135 anti-ballistic missile system by Russia which can go with  LBS radar. Other system which will counter incoming US or NATO missiles are  S-300PMU1 and PMU2 can intercept SRBMs, and the S-300V and S-400 Triumf systems are capable of intercepting a multiple IRBM attack by all DF-21 model IRBMs . Russia has more active ABM stock piles like  S-300P (SA-10)
S-300V (SA-12A/B Giant/Gladiator), S-300PMU-1/2 (SA-20A/B Gargoyle), S-400 (SA-21) . They are co operative with both normal Tracking Radars and  LBS related Radars as well.

Russia has  a number of space based earth-observing radar satellites which can track more lethal Incoming reentry vehicle based Nuclear missiles which can nullify NATO’s incoming ICBMS.

Now LET US know what measures Russia has taken or going to take to counter Anti  Ballistic Missile Defense by NATO.

NATO  Set Anti ballistic missile defense system in Redzikowo, Słupsk, Poland  as European Interceptor Site (EIS) to counter Russian ICBMS.  This is  a Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system in connection with a U.S. narrow beam midcourse tracking and discrimination radar system located in Brdy, Czech Republic.

The killer vehicles using here are  10 silo-based interceptors:  2 or 3 stage Ground Based Interceptors  can go a speed of about 7 km per second.

US has a better and powerful  Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System, ( ABMDS ) which will include SM-3 Block IIA interceptors to be positioned in Poland around 2018.

Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System has a sea based version. This  Sea-Based Midcourse is designed to intercept ballistic missiles post-boost phase and prior to reentry.

It  helps warships to shoot down enemy incoming  ballistic missiles, by expanding the Aegis Combat System with the addition of the  SPY-1 radar and Standard missile technologies. Aegis BMD-equipped vessels can transmit their target detection information to the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system and, if needed, engage potential threats using either the SM-2 or SM-3 missile – Current system is more or less based on  Raytheon RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 (SM-3).

Nato or US  Navy  had  16 Arleigh Burke class destroyers have this latest BMD capability as of November 2010. In 2014 the total Number is about 30. They are mostly meant to nullify  ICBMS of China and Russia.

How Russia Will Counter Anti  Ballistic Missile Defense By NATO

Russian Capacities and ammunition to counter this –

The aim or Goal to counter following  ICBMS  from Russia which are classified by US military experts as most vulnerable to anti missile measures. They are following. Here is the common types ICBMS in use or active deployment  by Russia

R-36 SS-9 Scarp
R-36M2 Voevoda / SS-18 Satan
UR-100N 15A30 / SS-19 Stiletto
RT-2PM Topol / 15Zh58 / SS-25 Sickle
RT-2UTTKh Topol M / SS-27 / RS12M1 / RS12M2 / RT2PM2
RS-24: MIRV-equipped.
R-29R SS-N-18 Stingray
R-29RK SS-N-18 Stingray Mod 2
R-29RL MIRV-equipped/SS-N-18 Stingray Mod 3
R-29RM MIRV-equipped/SS-N-23 Skiff
R-29RMU Sineva MIRV-equipped/SS-N-23 Sineva mode 2
R-29RMU2 MIRV-equipped/SS-N-23 Liner
RSM-56 Bulava MIRV-equipped/SS-NX-30


NOW- LET US Check- How to counter ANTI MISSILE Defense.

First of all the Missile defense is only tested against OWN KILLER Missiles which are known by the testing nation for its power and trajectory. The missile defense are never  successful against a short / long or ICBM missiles from a hostile country so there are  some very serious concern about the effectiveness of AMDS .

More over there are many more and other options given below , which can be or is used by Russia  in an eventuality. This is a standard measure and can be used by other countries if necessary.

The AMD sites in Poland can be attacked easily from Russian border using multi barrel rockets which can go beyond 100 KM range. Russia has capacity to do so. This will immediately kill the whole site and can make NATO more vulnerable to Russian ICBMS.

What about SHIP BASED anti missile systems. How to counter these MOVING sites?

Russia can use its short range missiles non nuclear or nuclear to kill these ground or ship based sites . Brahmos surface to surface or Water to surface Super sonic Short ranger missiles fired from a moving vehicle is impossible to track and destroy as they take some seconds to reach target. Other options are SS-1 Scud (300–700 km), SS-3 Shyster (1,200 km) , SS-4 Sandal (2,100 km). The speed of vehicle is impossible to be tracked and usually encountered problems will surface.

  • Difficult to geographically position interceptors to intercept missiles in boost phase (not always possible without flying over hostile territory).
  • Short time for intercept (typically about 180 seconds).

More problems crop up once the Anti Missile Site is destroyed  as  the whole defense will  collapse and will become vulnerable to Russian attack.


How Russia Will Counter Anti Ballistic Missile Defense By NATO

How Russia Will Counter Anti Ballistic Missile Defense By NATO


How Russia Will Counter Anti  Ballistic Missile Defense By NATO

More options for Russia to encounter this terror –

Option 2- Russia can use Stealth Fighter T-50  PAK FA and use Air to Surface Missiles to destroy these sites   Russian Stealth Bomber- PAK DA to bomb the ships or ground sites, easily. This will destroy such sites. These fighters and bombers are stealth and cannot be found using Radars.  .

Option 3-  Russia can use a blitzkrieg of its special forces or regular army using Russian stealth main battle tanks Armata MBT  and easily destroy Polish ground  based sites. They can use Spetsnaz as main attack force along with Russian Self-propelled artillery 2S19 “Msta-S 2S19 Msta 2S25, 2S3 Akatsiya to destroy sites easily.

Option 4. Ship based anti missile systems can be attacked with by Long range torpedoes which can penetrate through Torpedo nets using double war heads. The Arleigh Burke class destroyers can be stopped using OIL spilling in to the sea. Or can use Anti ship under water missiles ASM – in Russian armory.

Option 5. Russian ICBM RS-24 can use its stealth coating to avoid radar and also  interception by decoys and flares  to make the heat – seeking anti missile killer vehicles. This will lead to serious collapse of defense in NATO.

Option 6. The Russian idea of using Pulsar Bombs using powerful space based Nuclear blasts  can immediately create problems to electronic Radars and communications on ground. This way it can stop Anti Missile Defense systems in Ships or even on Ground.

Option 7. There are more options to use more decoys in re entry vehicles and can make re entry vehicles difficult to track. Also can make firing 3 or more missiles together which will be almost impossible for S3 killer vehicles to act as per the radar instructions as 3 targets will make the computer in S3 confused.

Option 8. Russia has many military Satellites already. They can send more with already loaded with re entry nuclear vehicles that can be activated from ground and can fire up on ground based installations from space directly. Here Russia can use heat flares to avoid Anti Satellite Missiles from NATO. and make sure  the success of missiles.

Option 9. Russian Nuclear Submarines can travel Polar area with Nuclear missiles which has multiple war heads and they can fire missiles any where in the world with in 24 hrs in to war. This capability can easily  beat any missile shields made around. Russia has 885 K-560 Yasen/Severodvinsk class submarine which has RSM-56 R-30 “Bulava”, SS-NX-32 missiles can hit any where in the world as it has 10,000 Km range and world’s most difficult missile to track as it is almost stealth in nature. Usually will get through any defense and can destroy NATO military and Civilian facilities in home land itself in 24 hrs.

Option 10. The ultimate reality- Russia is trying for a MOON Base or a Space base  about 2000 KM away from earth. They are confident of filling this station with latest nuclear war heads or re entry vehicles which can automatically launch and control using guidance to detonate where ever they want. A 100-kilowatt ray of light or even 150 kilowatt ray  can destroy any thing on earth with in seconds. This is done by creating Joint High Power Solid State Laser from laser amplifier chains. This is in pipe line and Russia is already gone very much in this direction. They hope they can create such a system by 2020. This will unstoppable by any means and will destroy entire shield or even a country in seconds.

There are many more similar options . Which can be employed by Russia or any country to counter this menace. Since each  country has to keep its deterrence it must use the fire power properly with out fear from being destroyed before they are used.

Wish every one an excellent time ahead. Hope no one will misuse these information.

R12M- Most deadly unstoppable Russian ICBM



Author- Author Pockan  is a defense/ military strategist, who is a technocrat and weapon designer. He is also expert in counter terrorism, security related strategies. To reach him email to diwakar1948@gmail.com

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