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What Are Problems in Iraq? How To Solve Them?

What Are  Problems in Iraq? How To Solve Them?

There was a time when Saddam Hussein used his Iron hand to rule Iraqis with no choice but to comply.. He was strict ruler but very liberal in religious views. All communities enjoyed religious freedom under his rule. Iraq was a paradise even after war with Iran which took most of its wealth away. Saddam was a successful leader, but a severe Tyrant and a man who knew the pulse of his people. I am not analyzing the way he ruled, nevertheless he was  very successful in handling problems in sectarian population of Iraq. After Saddam no one was able to fit into his shoes. So naturally Iraq became a pandemonium of chaos when US forces fought with al Qaeeda terrorists. When US left the  Iraqi soil became deserted with none to control. Shias and Sunnis started to fight each other which took the country’s problems to another level.

What are Iraqi Problems- The problems start with Former Prime minister Al Maliki a Shia leader who started to favor  Shia community to which he is belongs .This policy polarized Iraq in to 2 groups. While in North, Kurds demanded a separate country, matters took a worst turn. The Kurdish people have wished for a long time to have a separate  region and a separate country which was suppressed by Saddam’s  Military Rule. After Saddam’s fall  they started to demand for own country. Kurdish peshmerga- an adamant group of  fearless fighters started to make problems in North Iraq. Finally the international society let them to enjoy only autonomous rights than a full blown country.
On other hand  Sunnis  and Shias are fighting,  Yezidies who are from Kurdish origin needs to be separated. The wealth  of the nation got diminished as oil reserves are not  used. The country was in need of infrastructures which has taken a back seat due to continuous war . So naturally there was a fall from the peak . The country which once enjoyed every thing under Saddam’s rule is  now at the mercy of western countries for food and even for successful governance.


What Are  Problems in Iraq? How To Solve Them

ISIS- Real threat- What Are Problems in Iraq? How To Solve Them


 What Are  Problems in Iraq? How To Solve Them?

Do you think are they politically created or some thing else?


Iraq Politically Divided- As I earlier said Iraq is politically divided into many sections and also in  the hearts of the people it is no longer united. So naturally geographical divisions will take place and is quite possible. This was the time when ISIS -Islamic State in Iraq and Syria-  a brutal Sunni extremist group entered  the scenario to kick Maliki out. A tyrant ruthless leader called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. was in commend of this unique terrorist group. They started more as a revolution than some thing serious. But ended up engulfing whole country by brutal tactics.

Kurds are now stepping up in such situation of vacuum  created as  a result of Iraqi forces running away fearing  deadly brutal annihilation by ISIS . Kurds need to look for their own success and they are doing so as they have no intention to save Iraq.

Ethnic Problems in Iraq- As we said Kurdish people can not be a part of Iraq as they speak Kurdish language and their culture is different from Arabic population in central and northern as well as South of Iraq. The complete ethnic division  starts there. Shias claim their area  is separate while Sunnis can not go together with Shia majority as they feel they will be pushed back if they do not offend and take upper hand.

ISIS- Is this a real curse?- As we know ISIS is very brutal people who do not even follow Islamic tradition of Prophet ( PBU)  Muhammad, Instead they follow their own ideology and proclaim they are doing this for  Islam.. Similar kind of tactics used by Hitler  to convince Germans in 1930s. ISIS is brutal and kill people who are not Sunnis, they tried to annihilate Yazidi minorities until US and Kurdish army intervened successfully.

How to Win War Against ISIS – To win war against ISIS  we  must convince northern Iraqi  Sunni population that ISIS is not representing the Sunnis or Islam. They are false. Since ISISI is getting most of their support from Syrian Sunnis , we must educate them as well.

On field  US must bomb them in their strong holds near Syria and Iraq border and must keep a close watch on  the leaders. Killing leaders including -Baghdadi which will end the resistance of so called militant group and will make itself think twice to go ahead. Air Strikes must follow with pushing up of armed columns using Kurdish army which is far better than Iraqi counter parts. US must protect them from air and must supply with latest weaponry.

Artillery pieces like 2S31 Vena 120mm Self-Propelled Gun The 2S31 Vena is  multipurpose  for  Kurdish  army using which they can destroy any ground attack by ISIS. In My opinion using giant Raytheon is better option.

Besides US must use Kurdish support to free Oil fields from ISIS to deplete their financial resources and make them worry about  their financial resources. This will eventually cut down their ability to wage war in many fields at the same time.

Kurdistan Must be separated- why?- If and after successful clearing of present terrorist problems the Kurds must be rewarded and must be given their country.  They are not Iraqis, they speak different language,  are culturally different , so it is only right  to give them what they need as a token of gratitude for their role in this ongoing conflict and successful restoring of Iraqi freedom from terrorists.


What Are  Problems in Iraq? How To Solve Them?

What Are Problems in Iraq? How To Solve Them



 What Are  Problems in Iraq? How To Solve Them?

Do more on development. That is crucial –

How to utilize Oil for better development?-  Now finally once these problems are over make a better distribution system for Iraqi oil and supplies to successful distribution of them to create finance for immediate development of primary infrastructures. Government must look in to water, food supplies and education for long time success. This is a long time process  which will finally  pay of f .

Possible Solution For Future of Iraq- The end of terrorist activities, end of conflicts  between shia and sunnis by appointing or creating a consortium of shia and sunni leaders together as an advisory board which will function above government in solving many religious problems. Partition of Kurdistan is also a must. and then development of infrastructures will lead to complete success of  bringing back normalcy in the nation even though  it might take some years.

Iraq –  Living like in Hell-

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  1. Add comments please

    Posted by Diana | August 24, 2014, 3:31 pm
  2. We can’t do anything.. they only solve their problems . Nice post

    Posted by Milan Milton | August 29, 2014, 11:37 am
  3. More terrorist are living in Iraq. good writing.

    Posted by Patric Jonathan | August 30, 2014, 6:19 am
  4. prevent terrorism, this is the only way to save Iraq. Nice post

    Posted by Ibrahim .CH | August 30, 2014, 7:45 am
  5. This is a big issue.. good writing , Congrats

    Posted by Usha kiran | September 2, 2014, 6:24 am
  6. Beware of world war!!! may be this issue will go world war . Thanks for this information. expecting more news about this.

    Posted by Jim Jake | September 3, 2014, 9:21 am
  7. Same community create the problems against same community. Mad people. Any way good writing.

    Posted by Sandra Malik | September 24, 2014, 10:26 am
  8. Nobody can’t do anything ,because this is the religious matter.Mad people….

    Posted by Abraham Jately | October 9, 2014, 10:05 am
  9. Almost terrorist are settled in Iraq, first remove all terrorist after that easily solve all problems.

    Posted by Bilaval Space | October 28, 2014, 7:24 am


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