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Malware Reprograms unprotected USB

Be careful not  to get infected- How USB  drives are reprogrammed to infect computers and network traffic. The fact is now proven that Malware Reprograms unprotected USB

Malwares can kill your system, take away your data with out directly infecting  your computer. Malware Reprograms unprotected USB and makes your computer a slave through USB. You cannot do anything as they go untreatable. Someone may even surf through your network traffic with out your knowledge.

Malware Reprograms unprotected USB  –

Malwares of modern age can  in fact re write unprotected  USB devises to make it easy toinfect computers around. Here is the warning from  System Security Super Cops. Malware Reprograms unprotected USB is a fact which is proven now.

Experts are of opinion that normally USB devices have one or more  fundamental security  lapse that can be exploited by malware when it infects the system, these kind of activities can not be detected and prevented that easily.

USB thumb and peripheral devices which are available in market mostly are not protected their frameware. It is a program that run in microcontroller of the USB.

Malware Reprograms unprotected USB – Fact 

So what will happen?   Tomorrow your computer may be infected with out your knowledge. This malware will replace microcontroller’s firmware by using Small Computer System Interface commands and make it act like some thing else than mere USB, for example like a key board  which can otherwise be usd to emulate key presses  to download other malware programs. So instead of direct infection to the computer this malware can reprogram other USB devices which are inserted in future to this computer and make them all infected with out the knowledge of the anti malware programs in system.

The security experts from different labs says it can use this virtual key board to access boot menu and can then infect bootloader which will  function as boot virus otherwise. This is truly an  alarming situation.

It can make the USB as a quick and far reaching Gigabit network card which can be  misused in networking data transfer. This is the end result of the Malware Reprograms unprotected USB 

How can we  unearth this threat? Well, operating system finds this as normal USB when it is plugged, but when the system is re started, the normal OS in system finds the secondary keyword and its presence in system.


.malware infection

Malware Reprograms unprotected USB and creates DHCP Complications-

If infected in  any manner,it can emulate Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol in a server and automatically assigns DNS- Domain Name System. This way the remote hacker can control IP and can access the internet data traffic as well as internal network traffic together.

Instead of using USB the hacker can even use infected android phones when they are connected to computer system. The presence of rough network will indicate the proof. It draws a grim picture of silent attack from a hacker who remains untraceable at large and  access thousands of system without getting noticed.

You can try most advanced anti virus programs for system and access USB using the same. Still chances of infection does not go away. So  be careful not to use common USB devices even if they are scanned before use.

Listed under the title- Malware Reprograms unprotected USB.

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