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Ebola Treatment

How To Treat Ebola With Success

How To Treat Ebola With Success


Ebola is a doom for humanity that spreads faster than any other diseases… and kills people like anything. In another way it is deadlier than HIV and Cancer as no effective cure is found so far by allopathic world.

Just try to understand yourself the fact that every one is asking – How To Treat Ebola With Success  – This is a challenge staring at us now.

When – ZMapp – an experimental medicine used to cull the virus in a Spanish priest failed miserably .. It eventually took his life,This  led WHO and other health agencies to think twice over administrating new varieties of medicine to  give false hopes to millions.

This was last week statement by WHO – “In the particular circumstances of this outbreak, and provided certain conditions are met, the panel reached consensus that it is ethical to offer unproven interventions with still unknown efficacy and adverse effects, as potential treatment or prevention,”

Indicating clearly underlying the fact that they are washing off their hands… and leaving patients’ at mercy of virus..

How To Treat Ebola Wirth Success

How To Treat Ebola With Success – more ideas to cure


Last week interview with Marcel Guilavogui who is working on this fact .. indicates his despair.. looking tired of the outlook on the issue. “There’s no reason to try this medicine on sick white people and to ignore blacks,”

Well what else to do.. try and try.. before it is too late.. ” I am unaware of any sort of  effective Ebola medicine… but I know all the best efforts will become futile with out proper guidance ” Dr Martin Wits said –

So what is more.. no way you are going to get near  through the defense of the virus.. okay so try out other medical fields..t hey too have their own ideas…why don’t you let Homeopathy and Herbal treatments to try out.. any way death is fast approaching .. so what is wrong in trying these varieties.

Here are some  bets from Homeopathy. At least it won’t harm you to try  out these  in  worst conditions

  • Crotalus Horridus (made from rattlesnake venom— fits the Ebola symptoms picture 95%) -Potency Mother tincture,6x
  • Lachesis (made from venom of the bushmaster snake)-Potency Mother tincture,6x
  • Bothrops (made from the venom of the yellow viper found on the island of Martinique)-Potency Mother tincture,6x
  • Phosphorus (made from the element of the same name—relates to internal bleeding)-Potency Mother tincture,6x


Homeomedicine to treat ebola


How To Treat Ebola With Success       

make own medicine by yourself –

Another option is here..

Let me explain clear that how to create own Ebola medicine.. which I hope will cure the illness

Use face covered and hand Glow

500 Ml plastic bottles

Mineral water

Ebola sample like spit from a patient

An alcoholic liquid- whiskey

what to do

water  in bottles – up to 60 %

put Ebola sample in water

Cap close

Shake 100 times.

Pour out the contents of the bottle.

Refill the bottle with water (the fluid remaining on the inside surface of the bottle will serve as the next Ebola sample).

Repeat steps 3 to 6 a total of 30 times.



Pour the bottle solution into another bottle—your stock bottle.

Add  whiskey as a preservative.

Store in a cool place

And supply the Ebola remedy to as many people you want. Out of this remedy one drop from the remedy bottle can use for another  Ebola sample. This process can be done as many as times. This is free..

How To Treat Ebola With Success

Some more inspiration –


Just try this.. nothing for you to loose.. what is wrong in trying some thing new…

Save lives.. save humanity.. do not bother what crazy doctors say.. they do not have a remedy.. sYet, misguiding people who are genuinely trying some thing for humanity.


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  1. Ebola is very dangerous.. thanks for your information.

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    Posted by Surya Akthar | October 15, 2014, 11:04 am
  7. I think Ebola will kill at-least 50% of peoples in the world, may be this is the plan of God. Any way good writing.

    Posted by Navomi Jake | October 16, 2014, 10:45 am
  8. Good explanation. I suggest all people should read this article, because it included nice tips.

    Posted by Aandrews Alex | October 17, 2014, 11:35 am
  9. Ebola is dangerous diseases, we should care full for this virus. Thank you author for this valuable scripture.

    Posted by Susan Khan | October 20, 2014, 10:21 am
  10. Nice information. You write well .

    Posted by Midhun Madhav | October 30, 2014, 10:06 am

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