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Nuclear Medicine Technology

Nuclear Medicine Technology-Complete Diagnosis of human Body

Nuclear Medicine TechnologyNuclear Medicine Technology or NMT is a technology that combines   medicine with computer technology , mathematics, chemistry, physics, and medicine. It is a career that is patient oriented which uses radioactivity to build images of organs and analyze the  physiological processes for diagnosis, research and treatment purposes.  Nuclear Medicine technology  is gaining popularity as it provides exclusive information regarding the  structure and function of almost every organ in our body. Unlike X-Ray nuclear medicine has the capacity to distinguish and enumerate the  physical functions as radio active pharmaceuticals are more advanced and can  visualize within the human body at the cellular as well as molecular level.

Nuclear medicine is a branch of medicine that utilizes radioactive materials or  radio pharmaceuticals, to create images of organs, analyze body functions, examine biological specimens and treat disease. Nuclear medicine technology professionals combine the art and skill of diagnostic imaging and therapeutics through safe and efficient use of radio nuclides.

Nuclear Medicine Technology-Process and Procedures Involved

Nuclear medicine technology involves administering radioactive pharmaceuticals to patients through IV (intravenously) orally or by inhalation, to treat a specific organ or organ system of the body. While conducting the organ-imaging procedures, the patients are administered radio pharmaceuticals either intravenously or orally or by inhalation. The radioactive material are collected in a specific organ or organ system. Instruments or camera detect the radiation emitted by the radio pharmaceutical concentrated in the organ  and  produce the computer image of that  specific organ. The images thus generated help in detecting diseases or other abnormal health problems. It also helps the  medical professionals to analyze  the structure and measure the function of the organ . As the dose of  radiation dose is very little it causes the patient little or no discomfort during the procedure. The detection of tumors, areas of infection or other disorders will facilitate timely treatment.

Nuclear Medicine Technology – What is expected of a nuclear medicine Technologist

Nuclear medicine technology professionals are directly involved with the patients throughout the procedure and explain the entire course of action to them . They prepare and administer radio pharmaceuticals. These technologists require to operate highly advanced instruments and devices to produce digital images.

Nuclear Medicine  technologists  have an important  role in the health care industry. They are closely associated with patients, doctors, nuclear pharmacists, computer experts, nurses, secretaries and other professionals in the health care sectors.

Nuclear Medicine technology  professionals should possess  good communication skills along with a penchant for learning. These technologists should have the ability to  work independently and  carefully follow  various safety codes and regulations while working with radio pharmaceuticals. They should take care to  minimize the exposure to radiation of both patients’ as well as the  technologists. It is important to be sensitive to the patient’s physical and psychological needs .Hence it is vital  to interact  with  the patients and their families in a cordial manner  .

In short, a nuclear medical technology professional must have the following qualities-

  •     He/She should have excellent patient relationship skills
  •     Should have an eye for details
  •     Ability to take decision at Critical times
  •    Should be a  Team player
  •     Ability to handle pressure and work efficiently and independently

 Nuclear Medicine Technology-Prospects

Employment opportunities in nuclear medicine technology are plenty. Nuclear medicine technologists have job opportunities in hospitals, universities, medical clinics and research centers across the country and even abroad .There has been tremendous growth in the field of nuclear medicine technology in the recent past and hence the career opportunities for nuclear medicine technologists  seems bright. The increase in the rate of middle-aged and elderly population has created huge demand for diagnostic procedures, including nuclear medicine testing. The , advances in medical technology are likely  to increase the diagnostic use of nuclear medicine.

With further advance study in nuclear medicine technology, one can go up the professional ladder and become chief technologist or research technologist or educator. The remuneration vary with the employer, location and work experience. However recent survey indicates that there is significant job retention and satisfaction in the field of nuclear medicine technology.
Nuclear Medicine Technology


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