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Invention and Technology

Invention and technology-Introduction

Invention and TechnologyInvention and technology are the two sides of the same coin. Most of the comforts and luxuries we enjoy today are mainly a product of invention and technology with little scientific input.

 When we talk about invention and technology, the kinds of things that crosses our mind are naturally the high-tech machines like computers, video games, etc. As we delve deep into the topic it will  help to broaden our understanding of what invention and technology encompasses. Many of the items that we come across in our daily lives  like pencil, ballpoint pen,  calculator,  paper clips, sunglasses, battery, and light bulb are the forms  of invention and technology. What we need to understand is that technology is essentially anything that is developed by human beings to help them succeed in their environment. On the other hand, natural things like rocks, grass, leaves, wind, wood, etc. These are often used to help humans in invention and  technology.

Invention and technology-Evolution over the time

There are new and old forms  of invention and technology .It will be interesting to ponder about when invention and technology began? Lot of changes have taken place since the wheel in ancient times  was developed. Though it pales in comparison  with wheels  of present day it has helped to change the way people lived  then.

Invention and technology has facilitated in the transfer of knowledge from one technological domain to another. It has indeed changed the way we live. As long as there are people, there will be invention and technology. On the whole, it has been a powerful force in the development of civilization. Technology is an essential part of a cultural system and it not only shapes but also reflects the  values of the system.

In a broad sense, innovation and technology increases our capability to change the world. to design and put things together to transport things and people from one point to another, to connect to any part of the world without physically moving. We use technology to innovate  and make the world to a better place. The changes  caused by innovation  and technology may relate to basic needs, or they may relate to higher order needs like information, entertainment and authority. However the consequences of these changes in the world we live changing the world are often complicated and unpredictable.

Invention and Technology-Conclusion

Most  of the world changing invention and technology have tremendous influence on  the quality of human life. life. But there are some inventions that had negative impact on our life and have changed the face of the world. For instance, the Atomic Bomb changed everything about war, diplomacy and the way different countries interact with one another. On the brighter side, the Atomic bomb that  destroyed Japan in the Second world war was instrumental in bringing an end to the war. It made  the world to take notice about the horrifying effects about the war  and everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the conflict came to an end.

It is rather exciting to look into the future of innovation and  technology. But in  an age of continuous innovation, the invention of today loses its prominence tomorrow. So it is not easy to identify  the technologies that will change our future.

It would be interesting to compare the  present  invention and technology with that of earlier times, as well as the one in our daily life  with that in  other parts of the world. All said we cannot imagine a life without innovation and  technology, as well as predict  what newer innovations and technology the future might hold.
Invention and Technology



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