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Molecular Medicine-Looking from the Cellular Point

Molecular MedicineMolecular medicine involves studying a disease  or condition at a molecular and cellular level It covers a broad spectrum of  molecular biology or biochemistry techniques which describes  molecular structures and mechanisms. These structures and mechanisms are not only used to identify basic molecular and genetic  defects  which cause certain diseases but also to develop molecular interventions to correct them. The molecular medicine perspective highlights cellular and molecular phenomena and the manner in which it intervenes theoretically and apparently  on patients and their organs  .In other words, it investigates the causes of disease, possible treatments and therapies for the disease, and  also finds out the ways to prevent the disease.

Molecular medicine is a research discipline rather than a clinical methodology. Hence, it is not really possible to list out its advantages and disadvantages . Medical practitioners should also take into account  the  biology, anatomy and physiology  of the patient while understanding molecular science. 

Molecular Medicine-Benefits

However, the potential benefits of molecular medicine are huge. It opens the door to  detect the disease in its nascent stage .From there on, the DNA is analyzed and the required amount of data is assimilated  to understand and  control the    mechanisms of the disease. The best thing about this branch of medicine is that patients are given treatment based on the  genetic makeup of each individual. As such, people of all ages will benefit from this kind of treatment. These techniques have increased the possibility to successfully detect many viral and bacterial infections, as well as genetic disorders. Technology drives molecular medicine industry. So we need to make the best use of the available technology in order to reap  the benefits.

Molecular diagnostics have advanced significantly over the past decade. People who have accepted molecular medicine are enjoying it’s benefits -quick results,  better accuracy, and marked reduction in costs by not having to send out samples. Those who are apprehensive to meet the challenges and expenses of molecular medicine  will fall out in this race and face competitive disadvantage. Molecular science studies about the  diseases and disease agents  for conditions like  asthma, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer. It also  examines infectious pathogens such as Hepatitis B Virus and Human Papillomavirus. It also explores the  various biological processes  related to health and disease. Finally  these findings are translated into clinical settings.

Molecular Medicine-Conclusion

Molecular medicine labs  employ techniques   such as gene manipulation which has revolutionalized the medical world. The molecular mechanisms of diseases are studied with the aim of providing effective and safe treatment based on the disease profile and prognosis. This allows for  treatment on  an individual basis or personalized molecular medicine .

Many prominent players in the field of molecular science industry are  keen on developing a system that will provide accurate results  and  be affordable to one and all. In medical world time  is very crucial. Timely accurate answers are decisive. Molecular medicine takes into account the genetic differences between individuals and how it affects their health and their reaction to drugs. The control of infectious diseases is  hindered by  slow, insensitive diagnostic methods, especially in case of  drug-resistant diseases and HIV infected patients. Early detection could bring down the  death rate and check transmission, but it all depends on the infrastructure and the methods employed, their accessibility and effect.

Molecular Medicine



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  2. […] what else about this field. The medicine and nuclear aspect about it is quite amazing. Molecular Medicine and its vast area of importance as well as molecular medical advancement will be covered in our […]

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