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Future Technology Trends

Future Technology Trends-Introduction

Future Technology TrendsFuture technology trends takes us to what  the world would  be 10 or 40 years from now. Can you imagine automated robots running your life? Do you think the problem of global warming would find a permanent solution in a few decades from now? Would there be any invention which would wipe out poverty and hunger from this earth as everyone awaits  the beginning of future technology trends.

Technology applied in the right manner can make a huge difference. It should aim to change rather than predict the future technology trends. That way it is possible to improve and save many lives. 

It  is nearly impossible to have a clear cut picture of  future technology trends as technology is an ever evolving field. Nonetheless  it is possible to make some informed guesses and counter the point of view regarding the reality of some of these trends. But there will be enough proof from experts, to establish them as myths. The arrival of the singularity is just around the corner It is a continuation of Moore’s Law, and it is interesting to note that Gordon Moore himself is not a believer in the singularity.

Future Technology Trends-What to Expect

It is difficult to encapsulate future technology trends as the technology industry is always changing, evolving and innovating .This article gives an insight into the future technology trends that are likely to revolutionize our lives and impact our future. The  future technology trends discussed in this article promises considerable potential in the marketplace. 

Future technology  trends aim to develop artificial intelligence that most people believe will usher in the singularity which is something that is unimaginable to people in the present day.  It  will introduce a new form of intelligent life  which will completely change our perception. Moreover it will  develop new technologies that are much faster and  will bring in rapid transformation to our society. The outcome to artificial intelligence is the development of robots who can work along with humans and even without them. 

Future technology trends promote the emergence of super intelligence through technical methods. The potential of such intelligence would be difficult  to understand for an unaided human mind .If experts are to be believed  we will be approaching it  by 2030. Artificial intelligence will outdo humans in independent thinking and creativity. Machines will overtake human beings. In other words, future technology trends show that the dominance of human species on this planet will come to an end. The comforting fact is that many believe that  humans and machines will join hands to create something new, and upload our minds onto a shared neural network.

Future Technology Trends-Some Life Changing Developments

The  Internet of today is unable to capture information about things. The computer captures the data  which the operator feeds it. Thus, it captures ideas. Future technology trends aim at computers capable of getting every information it needs without the help of anybody .At that point we would be in a position to know when the things need to be replaced, repaired or recalled. The Internet  of today  is equipped  with systems that are able to recognize their surroundings and take appropriate actions to make the most of their chances to succeed. 

Driverless cars will be a reality which either be sensor based or camera based. It will pave way for safe driving. The future technology trends aim to bring smart education system which will offer a personalized curriculum. This is  designed to meet  individual student abilities ,focus on his/her problem area ,thereby encouraging  the student to progress rather than allowing him/her to fall behind. 

Likewise future technology trends aspire to develop personalized medicine. It is a fact that everybody is different. A drug that might not produce any result  or cause adverse reaction in some people might be safe and effective for others.  If the medical professionals could find out how drugs work on the patients well in advance, it could save a lot of lives and improve the general health. In future doctors will treat individuals at DNA level, that is medicines and treatment will be prescribed for each specific body. This will also minimize the side effects of the drugs. The future technology trends  indicate that digital healthcare will be the focus of healthcare. This will reduce the healthcare costs as well as  provide around the clock service as there is  promptness in patient care.

The level of Privacy and Protection for individuals will be taken to another level according to future technology trends. A person will be evaluated based on his job, behavior and activities. He/She will be compared with his/her  own self. Any abnormal activities will be intervened and necessary action will be taken.

The future technology trends will  make the cities a better place to live. The problems  will be resolved even before they arise.  For instance instead of  informing commuters about the traffic jams, the future traffic reports will guide us about the route to be taken  when traffic jams occur, a traffic report of the future will  tell us the place they are likely to occur and suggest a different route to avoid the traffic jam.

The future technology trends suggest that  your shopping will be more pleasant  in future. For example if you are looking for a particular dress  your smart phone will make a search in the store’s inventory and suggest different options based on your tastes. You can then ask the salesman to display the different styles you want to try on and assist you further.

Robotic devices will take over the ordinary household chores and  also assist the differently abled individuals at their work.

Future Technology Trends-Final thought

According to Future technology trends,  civilization undergoes  tremendous changes that previous generations will be unable to understand the rules and technologies at that time. Advances in science and technology give a hint  that  nobody knows for sure  where the future technology  trends will  take us. 

The lives of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be as unrecognizable to us as future technology  trends suggests .The ways of the world  would be incomprehensible to someone from the beginning of the twentieth century. In all probability  our old models will  be discarded for  new ones. It will definitely impact our everyday  life and will soon become an usual feature in the society. But till  it finally happens, it remains a great surprise and  an unknown aspect. What does future technology  trends hold for us? It depends on your perspective. But it always seem like it’s just a few decades away. Future Technology trends show that technology is fast evolving and what may appear to be future at present, may become  history tomorrow. Hence, keeping up with future technology trends will give you a fair  idea of what the future has in store
Future Technology Trends


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