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Ayurvedic Medicine-Science of Life

Ayurvedic MedicineHealth is fundamental  aspect for the functioning of human body. It is imperative to focus on one’s health because it is foundational to pursue all activities in our lives. Ayurveda is the  science of life  which practices traditional medicine and  has its origin in India.Ayurvedic medicine  or Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world. It is gaining popularity all over the world. In the Western world it is considered as a complementary or alternative medicine. However, in the East it is regarded as traditional medicine.

Ayurveda treatments are hugely popular in India where a majority of the population depend on Ayurvedic medicine. It places more importance to  prevent diseases rather than its cure. The medicine works not only on the disease or the body part that is affected, but to the individual as a whole. It detoxifies the entire body thereby improving immunity and promoting overall health. 

Ayurvedic Medicine- Effects 

Ayurvedic medicine should be taken as per the instructions. During the course of therapy food, sleep and other activities should be according to these instructions so that  the disease is cured and optimum health achieved. Ayurveda  is based on the principle that that body is composed of five elements- earth, water, fire, air and space. This type of medicine also tries to create a balance of three fundamental energies  vata, pitta and kapha present in every individual in varying ratio. Each element  in combination with other elements governs the various functions in human body. 

Ayurveda  uses herbs which are highly nutritive, the oils used for massage have healing properties. In addition yoga and meditation  that is practiced along with these medicines is good for physical, mental and spiritual well being of an individual. Moreover, these medicines do not have any side effects. 

The herbs used in ayurvedic medicine provides an effective means to bring a perfect balance between the body and mind. It also fights infections and diseases from the root and ensures complete recover from the ailments. While using ayurveda  your body is in sync with the nature .Therefore the entire immune system is rejuvenated rather than just the specific organ of the body.

Ayurvedic Medicine-Significance

Ayurveda  is  not disease specific, but also acts  as a preventive medicine.    These medicines also helps in treating with metabolic and certain chronic conditions.

The dosage of ayurvedic medicine varies for each individual based on  various factors like gender, age, body type etc.

 Ayurvedic medicine can be safely used as an alternative treatment or even along with regular treatment. The main benefit of Ayurveda  is that it does not cause  any side effects, is non-invasive and non-toxic.

When you take  Ayurvedic Medicine ,a  particular diet will be prescribed in keeping with your body composition. The food that suits your body should be consumed which will not only  provide good nutrition but will also give you mental and spiritual high.

Ayurvedic Medicine-Final Words

The preparation of Ayurvedic medicine involve long procedure but with current technology it has become quite easy. Ayurvedic Medicine is available in the form of liquid, tablets, powder or paste. The best thing about these medicine is that there are absolutely no chemicals or preservatives. Exercise, Yoga and meditation  are also considered as a  part of  ayurvedic treatment . Ayurvedic medicine is effective in treating chronic skin diseases, asthma, diabetes and even  deadly diseases like cancer, AIDS and autoimmune disorders .

Ayurvedic treatment offered at  spas  and saloons have huge demand .This is exploited by some section of people. If you are  visiting any spa or salon that offers ayurvedic treatment make sure that they are performed by people who  have received formal training in Ayurveda. There  is also growing concern that many ayurvedic products have high content of metals like lead, mercury and arsenic   which can cause life threatening diseases  especially in children. While  using Ayurvedic medicine make sure that the source is pure and always consult a qualified and trained Ayurvedic practitioner .

Ayurvedic Medicine


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