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Advances in technology

Advances in Technology-Introduction

Advances in technologyThe advances  in  technology has  helped the world to be even more developed in more than  one way. Technology has replaced almost everything. Technology is present everywhere in everything –be it in house, school, stores, even at the recreation centers. We use some form of technology in our day to day life though we fail to notice it. You come across advances in technology  when you drive or ride, cook, take a shower, sprinkle water, turn on the ceiling fans T.V.’s, computers and laptops not to mention your iPods, smart phones etc. Technology is all encompassing.

Advances in technology has  made even shopping go digital. Reading and writing has almost become a thing of past. Everything is done digitally. But there is no doubt that advances in technology has improved our lives in leaps and bounds. It is a fact that no one manufacturers or markets something that will get in the way of  development of mankind. Cars, internet, phones-all these have definitely made our lives much pleasant and easier. Technology has facilitated quick communication across the world in just a single click. Internet is the biggest aspect of advances in technology.

Advances in Technology-Benefits

Advances in Technology has guided people to do things in a more efficient manner  and produce excellent results. For example, computer has facilitated students to learn on a global scale from their classroom. Agricultural processes has been made cost effective due to advances in technology. Research in the medical field has led to the improvement in the overall health of the population. Diseases which were earlier considered deadly can now be treated and cured completely-thanks to the advances in technology. 

Advances in Technology has made many products much cheaper and the savings are passed on to the customer. The  additional features has also added to the appeal of the products. For example  you  can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi even if there is no power outlet . Moreover the  the smaller size of laptops is makes it possible to be carried around with great ease. This is very advantageous for people  who are always on the move. The quality of laptop screen has also improved that there is no difference between a laptop and desktop computer.

Manufacturers are thinking about ways to incorporate features into the electronic gadgets which allows continuity across devices-i.e.  the ability to pick up the dialogue on a different device from where you left off. This will provide a nonstop experience for users across call logs, text messages, notes and activities as they move from laptop to desktop, from tablet to mobiles.

Advances in Technology-Disadvantages

In today’s world, convenience is given prominence and advances in technology has made it possible to scale new heights in almost all sectors. Technology has taken human race ahead to a great extent and made things convenient beyond imagination.  Though it may seem to be a misnomer to mention any disadvantages of  advances in technology, there are some disadvantages that come along with this kind of  access.

Advances in technology has also made us too much dependent on technology. There is no point in blaming fire for being hot. Similarly, it is ridiculous to blame advances in technology if we abuse it. We have to accept that Technology is just there, it is up to us to decide how to use it. Spending too much time online , over the phone or in front of TV is unhealthy. Studies have found that too much technology can  rewire the brain. So it is better to exercise moderation in using technology. If you use the internet daily it will lead to addiction which is not very good.

Advances in Technology aims to improve our lives. Yet it can also hinder it, if we do not use it properly. Many people these days are looking for information on internet rather than read newspaper. They prefer their smart phones to going out with family and also rely on artificial intelligence. The social networking has isolated people from each other. People have become socially awkward because of the social media. If there is a major black out or any global crisis, it would be difficult  for them to survive in the absence of technology. The key factor is how we utilize advances in technology. We need to give ourselves some time to explore the world around us .So turn off your devices occasionally and step outside. Jobs have reduced  because the work done by many people is carried out by a single machine. Writing too has taken a backseat. The words are abbreviated for convenience and there is absolutely no grammar or  proper spelling in the written material.

Advances in Technology- Conclusion

The over dependency on technology has made people less self-reliant. For instance, consumers are increasingly relying on their smart phones for just about everything. We cannot pass even a second without  the phone. This over dependence has encouraged the manufacturers of mobile phones to come up with new models with improved features. 

Advances in technology offers  different high-end technology products that one can purchase and use everyday. All we need to do is to be aware of the various advantages and disadvantages of these products and exercise discretion while using these products. There’s likely to be plenty more advances in technology in the  near future.

Advances in technology


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