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Newest technology gadgets

Newest technology gadgetsNewest Technology Gadgets-Introduction

Newest Technology gadgets can not only surprise you with some great time saving advantages but also make your life  much easier. These newest technology gadgets   have arrived to do away with the need for using many devices to pursue your hobbies or job. The unique feature of all newest technology gadgets is that the manufacturer has replaced larger devices with very tiny electronic modules and put  everything into the same small unit. So, basically, the newest technology gadgets may be similar in size to the earlier gadget, but it will have  multi fold capabilities and customized interface, even at the level of the exteriors of the gadget.

Newest Technology Gadgets-Some latest Entrants

Some of the newest technology gadgets on the block are discussed below.

The success of Samsung’s Galaxy Note Series has paved way to Phablets  ruling the roost in the mobile business. There are many mobile manufacturers who have joined the popular venture, but it is  LG who is a clear leader. The LG Optimus G Pro with its speed and performance is  a good competitor to Android and undoubtedly one of the most admired newest technology gadgets in the market.

Vizio’s smart TV is a visually spectacular 80-inch HDTV with the best features, 3D capability, and enhanced LED edge lighting at an affordable price range. The bonus feature is the inclusion of popular  multimedia apps. This could be one of the best investments  in newest technology gadgets for any tech savvy individual at the moment. 

Apple has taken  battery performance on the iPhone 5 to a new level with the Mophie iPhone 5 Juice Pack Plus. It is indeed one of the best newest technology gadgets  and has the ability  to produce 120% extra life. The  charger can produce up to 10 hours of LTE usage and almost 50 hours of audio playback, fastening Apple’s newest technology gadget in an elegant and long lasting jacket.

The market for  Desktops is slowly declining due to the rise of tablets and laptops. Microsoft is leading the group of PC convertible market which is steadily growing.Microsoft’s Surface Pro is surely the leader among the newest technology gadgets with its innovative and patented elements that  has turned it into a success. The improved multi-touch technology , ultrabook-like performance, and  accurate feedback has taken it past its competitors.

Even at the time of its launch,everyone knew Google Glass was a sure winner. Though it was initially limited to the developer crowd, Google’s computing eyewear is slowly inching towards becoming a game-changer which everyone thought it to be. The Android-based smart glasses known as Google Glass is definitely the best of all newest technology gadgets.It allows its user to carry out a number of tasks like answering emails, taking pictures, and translating text hands-free- all of which can be viewed on a micro-display. The price aspect has not detered tech savvy folk from buying this hi-tech specs. In addition to that Google is committed to improve its mobile OS platform which will definitely increase the prospects of Google Glass in future.   

Sony Vaio Pro 13 is one of the newest technology gadgets that can give any ultrabook models including Macbook Air a run for its money. It is the world’s lightest laptop that also  presents  stunning visuals  on its colorful HD panel and powerful sound from its speakers. Its processing speeds and booting times are better than most premium Windows 8 laptops. The icing on the cake is its affordable price tag.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most powerful phone  amongst the newest technology gadgets. It has almost all the features that one would dream in the mobile. It is powered by the best technology which no other phone offers. Its USP is the touch free features and view options. Other significant features are its vibrant 5-inch FHD Super Model display and Dual Camera mode.

Newest Technology Gadgets-Final Word

The good thing  about newest technology gadgets are that  they are constantly upgraded to  meet the customer requirements and tastes. So it an ever evolving process. There is no single gadgets that can keep the interest of man at all times. To keep updated on the newest technology gadgets, watch this space. We will keep you abreast of all the happenings in the tech World.

Newest technology gadgets


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