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Current Technology News

Current Technology News-A Glimpse

Current Technology NewsCurrent technology news always attracts techno geeks, who want to stay updated on current events in the world of technology.

Here you can read the latest current technology news and unbiased reviews on latest innovations and developments. You can download soft wares and applications, watch videos and even post your opinions and comments on technology you cannot do away with. 

The current technology news opens up abundant possibilities to enrich your life. The current generation is  tech-savvy and tech-obsessed and is always eager to get hold of the latest and current technology news without any delay. We are in the quest of  satiating your hunger for information on happenings in  the field of technology. It is difficult to include all the technology news in a single article. Nonetheless the best of the current technology news is included in the list and more will be added later.

Current Technology News- Latest Additions

Some of the current technology news  doing rounds are discussed below- 

Apple offers the free card: Apple has been dominating the current technology news for quite sometime.The software giant has challenged the PC industry by announcing its new editions of iWorks and iLife suites. These softwares will be free with any new iPad,iPhone or Mac. Moreover all Apple customers can upgrade to its latest operating system, OSX Mavericks for free. 

Apple is no longer charging for OS X upgrades and it is indeed a good news for its customers.iPhone is way ahead of its competitors in every sense.Though Apple products are priced on a higher side,it offers its customers better service after the initial transaction.Microsoft makes it difficult for its customers with varied and even more confusing Operating systems , prices and the difficulty faced when it’s time to upgrade.On the other hand Apple offers free OS upgrades and new features.It’s products can be bought with just an Apple ID account.It is easy to install and can be used in various apple devices.Of course the side effects of a free Operating System will start to sink in once the brigdge is crossed. 

Mobile industry  has  some good current technology news.Nokia Smartphone users can  now click  photos and  edit the same on  their Window tablets from Nokia. The distinctive feature of this tablet is that the Zeiss Lenses is used for  the first time in a tablet.Also it has an added app, Nokia Storyteller, which allows the users to  develop the images and videos like a story on a map.The Nokia Video Director, enables the users to edit videos which are shot both on the 2520 as well as on the  Nokia smartphones.It is termed phablets  for it combines the features of  phone and tablet and thus relieves people of the trouble of carrying both phone and a tablet. 

Here’s some good current technology news for browsers.Google’s Chrome Browser is  an ideal  tool for Podcasts. Well, we all love to  browse through the latest happenings around us on our desktop. Chrome Browser from Google is the best tool . It is armed with the right kind of tools which makes the job an enjoyable one.  The app is still to go into pilot testing ,nevertheless, it is a promising product from Google. It is a quick way to browse through global news talk shows,podcasts to be informed about current technology news and other happenings around the world . Moreover, you can  go through the news in order. 

Current Technology News-Conclusion

Technology is the constantly growing and we need to keep a close watch to update ourselves on Current technology news. The credit of this phenomenal growth goes to swiftly rising new  technology. Current technology news is available at the click of a button. There is no doubt that the Internet is the biggest contribution of current technology— VoIP, IM, and video calling. Considering the wide range of benefits that Internet offers to us, a good Internet speed is absolutely essential to be aware of current technology news. Countries around the world are making the most of the lightning speed of Internet to provide the users the best online experience.

Technology  advancements may not be  all that pleasing if it intrudes other’s privacy. Recently Germany  was annoyed by phone tapping by U.S. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called U.S.President Obama to express her displeasure  when she got information that U.S. intelligence was possibly spying on her mobile phone. Earlier, France had complained  when it received reports that U.S. spied it’s communications. If this continues, it may not be long before the entire Western Europe gets annoyed with the Big Brother act of United States.  

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