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Most advanced weapons in the world

Most advanced weapons in the world Most Advanced Weapons in the World-An Overview

The world has witnessed some of the most deadly Weapons Ever Created till date. It is fascinating at the same time terrifying to note the human  capacity for violence and destruction.  We have seen bulletins about communal wars, fires, shootings etc. Though the scenes depicted display horrifying details it is just a fraction of what human beings are capable of doing if they really work on it.

The impact of  the most advanced weapons in the world can be devastating and terrifying. We can hope and pray that  there a situation will never arise where these weapons are put to use. Nevertheless, it is better to be aware of the   destructive capabilities of these weapons and what modern warfare can do this this planet. 

 Most advanced weapons  in  the world -Few Important Ones

The first on the list of the most advanced weapons in the world is a weapon that has been for over 3 decades. It is Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier-the  backbone of the US Navy. It is 1100 feet long ,huge in size and deadly  and can carry close to 100 aircrafts. It can single handedly wage a war against a nation. 

Most advanced weapons in the worldThe Tsar Bomba by the Soviet Union  is the single most advanced weapons in the world ever used by mankind. It is the King of bombs. Tsar was developed in  really a short  period of time-just fourteen weeks after it was designed. It weights about  27 metric tons. But the funniest part of all is that a bomb of this huge size is practically useless in defense department. It is far more intelligent  to use smaller bombs to destroy  a city  than to use a huge one. 

Russia is into developing heavy ballistic missile program and aims to carry out this mission by  arms procurement program   through 2020. The  Russian  R-36 ICBM is a land based missile. Russia has missiles of high class which are capable of  a heavy throw weighing 5 to 9 metric tons over a distance of 35 meters. These are Heavy ICBM which can function as multiple warheads in a single MIRV missile. 

Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces are equipped with SS-18 Satan and SS-20 Saber ICBMs  which belong to the Soviet era. These most advanced weapons in the world are still in service and have an extended in service until 2026.The SS-18 Satan is positioned in 10 warheads and can  carry  550 to 750 kilotons each and an cover an area of up to 11,000 km . 

The Predator B  or the Reaper is considered as one of the most advanced weapons in the world  not  because of its size or destructive power and speed. It can spell doom to the mankind at large. It is the successor to the MQ-1 Predator, which was in  action in  Afghanistan, Serbia ,Iraq and  Bosnia,.  It is deadly  because it is the first unmanned aircraft employed in a war and was remote controlled. 

The research towards finding the most advanced weapons in the world has led to the submarine launched ballistic missile Trident SLBM.  It is t a nuclear armed ballistic missile with intercontinental rang and is the most powerful  and advanced weapons used at present .It  is set up by both United States and United Kingdom. These weapons can stay submerged and  wait near their target for an indefinite period of time. Their only lacking is the food supplies. They have  unlimited range,  can deliver  around 4 megatons of explosives and target anything in 9000 mile range. 

Most Advanced Weapons in the world-Conclusion

The deployment of the above  most advanced weapons in the world will eventually lead to robot warfare. It’s not very accurate as to who develops and manufactures the most deadly and terrifying weapon. As a matter of fact, weapon that misses its target scary. The R-36 is huge when compared to America’s largest missile, the Peacekeeper.  The volume of weapons exported by United States  to Asia and Oceania accounts to 45% while Middle East  and Europe receives 27 % and 18% respectively. Russia  supplies 65% of  its arms manufactured  to Asia. Germany supplies weapons to Asia, Oceania, America and Europe. Israel  is one of the top ten weapon exporting countries in the world, thanks to its  advanced defense industries. China has toppled UK  to secure the fifth spot in the top weapon exporting countries .It supplies weapons to Pakistan, Oceania and Africa. 

The most advanced weapons in the world  are  used to increase the competence and effectiveness of activities. We are witnessing the manufacture and employment of  some of the most advanced weapons in the world. There has been a major surge  in the sectors of weaponry since world war II. In the past Soviet Union  was leading the race of the most advanced weapons in the world, but of late it has been a different game altogether. In the present scenario, every nation has set aside a lion’s share of its budget to develop and maintain defense requirements. The reason why countries invest in the manufacture and development  of weapons is to brace themselves for the times of war. A lot of  research has gone into the development of some of the most advanced weapons in the world and  there will be persistent advances in this field,  taking into consideration the ongoing conflicts between nations, political standoff  and war, as well as the meeting of technologies and innovations. It will be interesting to note how these  developments will affect the style of war and human life in the coming years. Developing the most advanced weapons in the world require innovation, the best systems, and the best technology .

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