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New Medical Technology

New Medical Technology-An Usher to life

New medical technologyNew Medical technology benefits the society in more than one way. With the use of these technologies, people can lead a  healthier and more productive life. People who were previously cut off from the mainstream life  due to medical reasons can now look forward to lead normal and painless life. 

New medical technology could soon take away the fear of being pricked by needles. Pain free shots are going to be a reality in the near future. It is a great news for children who are diagnosed with diabetes at a very young age and have to draw blood several times a day. A device called TAP uses needles which resembles an eyelash. It extracts blood in a pain free manner. The scientists who developed this device are also working on medicine without needles for all types of treatments- from vaccines to cancer. 

The future syringe is developed on the similar lines of a tiny high pressured jet which fires the drug at the speed of sound. The injection feels just like a mosquito bite rather than a shot. It is expected to hit the market within a year.

New medicla technologyNew Medical Technology-Effects in Medical Science

Many new medical technology devices  are being developed which is likely to change the face of the medical  system. The use of artificial tubes or coronary stents in the treatment of cardiovascular disease have saved many lives. The glucose monitoring technology has facilitated those who suffer from diabetes not only to keep a strict vigil on their blood sugar level but also to control their condition effectively. This helps them to reduce the risk of  complications due to high blood sugar like blindness and nerve damage.

New medical technology has also benefited those who undergo surgical procedures. The latest surgical techniques has reduced the recovery period  and thereby hospital stay considerably  even in case of major surgeries. This has significantly reduced the hospital expenses. For example, cataract surgery which previously required a couple of days hospital stay has now become an out patient treatment. Similarly total knee replacement surgery which previously required considerable home life support for the patient has now become a simple surgery enabling people to return to their normal life within a couple of weeks time.

New Medical Technology – Final Remarks

In short new medical technology has enabled people to remain active and contribute to the development and welfare of the society by reducing or removing the hindrances to complete cure. This in turn has improved the quality of life in the world. The new medical technology has also created high quality jobs, attracted significant investment and encouraged  innovation at large. This has brought about an overall excellence in the standard of living all around the world. 

The regular life span of people has enhanced considerably in the last millennium, thanks to the new medical technology. We have discovered around 99% of diseases and medicines for most of  them, including cancer and AIDS. Medical innovation have not only paved the way for enhanced analytic methods, but also exploited the ingredients and nutritional value to treat the whole body on various circumstances. New Medical technology has led to the complete eradication of  life threatening disease like small pox. The news that 99% of the cancer patients are cured successfully is really a heart warming news. It speaks of the success of new medical technology.

The  focus of new medical technology is  in developing an effective medicine for disease like AIDS which has claimed the life of many. New treatment or preventive drugs for AIDS will be a major break through in Medical Science.  There are many pharmaceutical companies that lend financial support towards research and development in new medical technology field. The Government also encourages scientists and medical researchers to  come up with new treatment methods as well as new medical cures and drugs. Some organizations and companies not only assist  inventors and physicians to carry on their research activities in new medical technology field  to develop medical devices and Health care products but also market these products once they are fit for use.
New medical technology



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