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Children's Health

Children’s Health

Children's Health

Children’s Health – Significance

Children’s health is of vital importance not only for the present but for a healthy adulthood in future as well. Supporting and caring children’s health is a  significant achievement by itself. The initial phase in a child’s life are key in  deciding their health and well being in the long run. Steps should be taken to improve the health of  the entire population and reduce the disparity in healthcare between the rich and poor. 

Children’s Health-Responsible Factors

children's health4Physical activity plays a huge role in improving children’s health. It develops the cognitive  skills of the child and ensures social and emotional well-being of  the young population. Playtime is also the hour of the day when parents bond with their children. In spite of the numerous  benefits today’s children are deprived of  playtime .Parents are busy with their careers and children have become couch potatoes. They either play games on computer or watch Television. Nuclear families and too much pressure to excel in academics also contribute to the reduced free time available to the child. In order to improve children’s health it is imperative that both schools and parents  give serious consideration  to playtime. School systems and communities should ensure that there is enough space and time for play to create a balance in the lives’ of children  and thereby promoting children’s health. 

Parenting is also an important factor that influences children’s health. When we  refer to children’s health ,it is just not the child’s physical health. It also includes mental and social well being of the child .Troubled childhood is one of the main reasons behind childhood illnesses ,accidents, teenage pregnancy , underachievement to name a few. Many a times it is observed that child abuse leads to  unemployable adults,juvenile crime and mental illness. These are serious problems that could lead to major problems in adulthood for the next generation. Most parents confuse children’s health to just providing the basics –good food,  sleep and enough exercise and  also assuring their safety. Parents have a huge role and responsibility in shaping  children’s health. They have to closely monitor the child’s activities without interfering too much.

Children’s Health-Foundation of Gen Next  

Children's healthChildren must undergo regular checkups at their health center. This will not only check children’s health but also ensure their proper development. It will help to diagnose and prevent  problems if any. For example  the onset of diabetes can be detected very early and preventive measures can be taken. Similarly  mental health conditions can also be tracked properly. Children’s health has direct impact not only on on academic accomplishments but also in social activities. 

The successful partnership between families and health care system is the foundation of children’s health. Surprising though it may be ,it is a fact that children’s health begins even  before they are born. Hence pregnant women should be given complete prenatal care to prevent low birth weights, premature labor, birth defects and increase the probability of a healthy child for HIV-infected women. Pregnant women should be educated to lead a healthy life-  avoid smoking,  pay attention to their diet and exercise for a healthy child. Children’s health should be ensured through regular screenings and immunization. The first  few years in a child’s  life are critical for children’s health and development. So regular visits to the pediatrician is absolutely necessary. When children’s health conditions are diagnosed and treated in the initial stages, the severity  of many disabilities are greatly reduced.

Children’s Health


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