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Information technology -Introduction

Information Technology-The New Age Concept

Information technology(IT) is  a system of storing, sorting, manipulating, distributing and processing information using computer technology. It is  not an exaggeration to state that IT  pervades all aspects of business today. It improves efficiency, communication, customer service etc in the  organization. IT has influenced all departments of business today that it is unimaginable to conduct business without it.

Information Technology-Benefits

The  benefits of Information Technology to business are many. A few are listed down.

It-salary rangesCommunication Speed: In this fast paced world everyone is keen on getting the work done at the earliest possible time. Information technology brings speed to the way business is conducted. Information is processed at great speed thus facilitating better administration and distribution of data. Email has really changed the face of communication. It has benefited the businesses in a commendable manner. Organizations are customer oriented and their main priority is meeting customer needs. Moreover, IT has helped businesses to connect  all over the world and thus cater to  the global markets .

Competence: Computer technology or IT makes overall business activities competent. The complicated accounting procedure  is  given way to accounting software so that accounts department can efficiently and easily manage their financial records. These technologies not only eliminates  errors but  saves time as well.

Cost effective: Organizations have been able to outsource jobs and operate their business throughout the year 24/7, because of internet and computer technology. People  can conduct business from  any part of the world due to computerized internet business process. This has not only increased productivity and profit margins but also improved working conditions  and  widened the customer base .In short IT has significantly reduced the cost of conducting business.

Ease in Storage: IT provides security to the virtual data from  being  destroyed in case of any technical breakdown, The internet technology security system also checks the access to important information and stores and maintains such information at reasonable cost. The digital format of storing huge amount of data has saved the cost of warehouses and also ensured better customer service.

GlobalizationGlobalization: Information technology has made the world not only a better place but also a global village. The use of text messages, email has opened the possibility of direct communication. Through internet, communication is not only faster but also cheaper .Information technology has made it possible to share information across the continents at any hour of the day. Internet has also enabled business houses to market their products and services to any part of the world.

Job Opportunities: The greatest advantage of Information Technology  is that  it has created new and interesting opportunities for qualified personnel like Hardware and software developers, computer programmers, web designers, system analysts, so on and son forth. IT is the reason behind the rise in the economies of  several developing nations in the world.

Information Technology-Final thoughts

Information technology has generated efficiency in every part of business operations. It has facilitated faster marketing of products and services .This means faster time to market and lower barriers to entry for new ventures. The efficiency of Information Technology is improving swiftly. The worth it brings to the business is much higher than the costs incurred in employing information technology. Nevertheless, we have to  encourage efficient information technology and accept the fact that the benefits derived from information technology,  far outweighs the costs involved.




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