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Future technology predictions

Future Technology Predictions-The world in the coming years

Future technology predictions can be both exciting and scary. The technology that is emerging is itself quite exhilarating, but when compared to future technology predictions we are experiencing just a tip of  an iceberg.

We cannot imagine the future technology that our future generation will be using on an everyday basis. Future technology predictions state that  the present generation will have a long lifespan thanks to the advances in medicine. They will have opportunity to use high tech electronic and electrical gadgets, drive cars without carbon emissions.

Future Technology Predictions-The Upside of it

Future technology predictions maintain that our future generation  will enjoy smart homes and cars, robots and bionics will perform  difficult and dangerous tasks which will make their life much simpler and easier. The weapons used in future will be much smarter. Future weapons will actually be smarter and accurate .This will discourage high handed dealings amongst countries and encourage peace and harmony.

Future technology predictions  promise to take us to  our solar system and much beyond. There will be space tourism which will  fly us to Mars. Education will be taken to another level as per future technology predictions. Students will be able to not only learn faster, process and retain the information in their memory for a longer period in an unbelievable manner. There are many international space program budgets in the near future- Curiosity Rover on Mars as of August 2012 , the Space Launch System  by 2017, NASA  also plans to send a crew of four astronauts into space by 2021. In the distant future space travel will be a common place for everyone.

Medical Science also has its share of future technology predictions. Robots will perform surgeries in future which will be more precise, less complicated and quick healing.  Medical databases will coordinate at lightning  speed to give the best in patient care for diseases and injuries. Automatic robotic machines will become a regular feature in  the lab and in hospitals. This will give hope to those who are paralyzed and unable to move their limbs enabling those with paralysis to move limbs.

Agriculture and transportation are also likely to benefit according to future technology predictions. People and goods will be transported efficiently, food crops will be successfully cultivated and distributed using high tech methods. Energy distribution will be carried out  locally with the help of solar panels and other effective sources of energy.

Another interesting future technology predictions is the  advent of universal translators which will translate the conversation between  two individuals speaking different languages, just by the push of a button. Military intelligence can make good use of this technology for easier communication across the nations. Future technology predicts the presence of avatars that act as proxy in real life. While you carry on your regular job, the substitute will step in to live your online and tech life for you. The  U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has set aside millions of dollars to create avatars that will stand in for real, live soldiers.

Future Technology Predictions-The Downside

Nevertheless, this claim from future technology predictions could be a slightly frightening  – access to our innermost thoughts. Neurologists say that it will be possible to read people’s minds and target their  brains. This can be used to manipulate our  wants and desires and  make us feel that we’re offered  what we want. But in fact our brain will been fine tuned to think that that offer is really good for us. This technique can be effectively used in the field of advertising and marketing.

Future Technology Predictions-Conclusion

Future technology predictions interests dreamers who hope to innovate better tools and for the common man who hope to benefit from the new and improved system. But there are many inventions that never reach the shelf or the consumer, whereas some develop beyond expectations to the delight of both  manufacturers and consumers.



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