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technology careersTechnology careers-Introduction

Technology careers can open up abundant opportunities if utilized properly. It creates  an apparently  positive trend of entrepreneurship or creating your  own job. This comes at a time when the job market is not looking bright and money is short , especially for young people. Technology careers give you the platform on which to build a company quickly and easily. Those who pursue a career in technology are considered to be well paid. This is a growing field, as there is plenty of competition among those who pursue careers in technology, both within an organization and outside. 

There are both advantages as well as certain disadvantages in technology careers.

Technology Careers-Advantages

Technology careers in itThe best part of a job in the field of technology  is that they offer a good remuneration package and competitive benefits – Most of the companies do not hesitate to  invest heavily in their work force. They recognize the value of human element  in the organization and know it is  important  to keep their personnel secure and happy.

Opportunities are plenty for advancement in technology careers. However, it is mandatory to constantly update your  skills and knowledge .Even a highly qualified professional has to undergo training in the latest concepts of technology to stay in  demand in this highly competitive field. Organizations encourage their staff to gain higher qualifications and invest in training the staff both locally and internationally.

A career in technology offers good opportunities for those who  are qualified and experienced in all parts of the world. Companies recruit such experts globally.

Technology  careers have a bright future – Unlike any other field, careers in technology  is the future .Even though today’s technology becomes obsolete in the future, skills will never become outdated due to constant training and international exposure. Professionals in  the field of technology  are better equipped to face the future. 

Technology careers give an opportunity to diversify or move on to another career – If you intend to move from your current job ,it is much easier if you are technically skilled. You can change jobs, careers and move from one field to the other without any hesitation, as most jobs require professionals with technical backgrounds. 

Compared to other jobs, a career in the field of technology offers job security. There is a very remote chance of people in this field losing their job or remaining jobless for a long time .

Technology careers offer job satisfaction as there is scope of career advancement , hike in salary, perks , performance based bonuses and other benefits.

Disadvantages -Technology Careers

Technology careers can be highly monotonous .Though there may be new projects from time to time, the work atmosphere remains the same. Moreover, you will be immersed in your work with little or no interaction with colleagues or clients.

In spite of being well compensated, people in technology careers tend to have high level of stress as they have to meet  deadlines and face high work pressure. 

Technology related jobs  demand  a high level of commitment and extended hours of work to excel in their job .The nature of the work and business force the technical professionals to extend their working hours –It may be to attend to various technical issues and also meet deadlines. In the process these professionals have to sacrifice the time spent together with their family .They need to put their career ahead of  family.

Technology careers are mostly contract based which are signed for fixed periods on a renewable basis. Companies hire professionals according to the projects on hand. The contract terminates once the project is complete. If there is no further project on hand then the employees are either made to sit on the bench or terminated.

 There is plenty of competition in Technology careers. Every year several young professionals are majoring in technology related fields giving the old hands tough competition. Further, these  young graduates are  up to date with the recent technological developments which the old hands would not even have heard of. This may create a fear of losing jobs among the staff.

There is a constant need to be trained and qualified in technology careers. The ever changing technology and business concepts make it imperative to learn and implement the latest technologies in the organization. Those who wish to pursue technology careers are expected to be familiar with the latest trends in technology. This is no place for people with a  complacent and  laid back attitude.

Technology Careers-Conclusion

Technology is the lifeblood of any organization .That means people in technology careers play an increasingly influential role to  gather and assess information. It offers  better prospects for people who are  looking for genuine intellectual challenge. People who are qualified in various technically-focused disciplines  stand a good chance to be  a part of  some of the largest, most complex and most innovative projects around. They will  be working with the very latest technologies which will sure change the face of economy for better in future.



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