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Future of Technology

Technology and Society

Technology and Society-Inseparable Couple

Technology and society are mutually dependent on each other. Technology  requires  the  infrastructure of society  to be developed in a positive manner and in turn allows  everyone in society to communicate effectively and make their  tasks simpler and easier. The increase in technology has helped the society  to work faster and better than ever before.

Technology and society cannot be separated. Both are ever changing .The dreams for a better society is the cornerstone for the future of technology and society.  These days technology pervades all aspects of our life.  We all depend on it at different points of time during the course of the day. Technology and society need to draw lines at some point. The over dependence on technology could at times get in our way to progress. The society could be on a standstill if technologies we so depend on fail.

Technology and Society-Positive Impact

Technology and society cannot thrive in isolation, they are interwoven. There is a drastic change in the way we conduct our lives. Communicating with our distant friends or relatives, buying branded products or attending a business meeting –all these are just a click away. However, there is a critical concern that overload of technology is corrupting the society. But the positive benefits of technology on society outweigh its negative effects.  Technological advancements has turned a huge world into a small global community. Here are some of the ways in which technology has changed our lives for the better.

Technology has improved the transport facility. Earlier walking or animals were the only mode of transport. Technology has made the dream of flying a reality. The automobile industry has evolved from bicycles to scooters and cars to automated aircraft. Technology  is the key force behind these  designs  and developments of different modes of transportation.

Technology has benefited the household and  Industry. Earlier all the household  and industrial activities were manually carried out. At present there is a gadget to carry out each and every household  and industrial activity. Technology has made production much easier and has created productive time for individuals and families. Technology and society are  mutually exclusive.

Internet has brought revolution in the field of Advertising and Entertainment. It is possible to reach the audience within seconds through internet. Promoting  products and services through internet is far effective than any other form of marketing. The entertainment industry has also  progressed because of advancements in technology. People can watch and download movies, songs and  games . Internet has made it possible for businesses large and small to reach customers all around the world and  thus succeed in their business. Technology and society form a valuable partnership in the entertainment industry

Technology and society-satilite communicationMobile Communication is undoubtedly a major  contribution  of the union of technology and society. The traditional telephone, was one of the earliest technological developments in communication. At present cell phones have widened the  the prospects of communication by facilitating easy long-distance communication and mobile use. Writing Letters have become a thing of past and emails and cell phone messages have become the latest means to bond. Technology developments have made communication wireless. Social networking is the latest trend which has given a new facet to communication, entertainment and recreation. The best thing about cell phone is that you can be reached anytime anywhere in case of emergency. It has become a part of our  lives that we cannot imagine even a minute without cell phone by our side.

Technology and society are also connected through  satellite communication . Satellite TV and radio have changed the face of broadcasting across the globe. You are able to watch matches and concerts held elsewhere in the world  thanks to satellite TV .Even communication to ships and airplanes would be impossible but for satellite communication.

Technology and Society-Negative Impact

Indeed technology  is at our finger tips and the fact that we can reach out to the entire world at the click of a button, itself  is a blessing as well as a curse. Technology and  society should complement each other. So we cannot ignore the bad effects of technology on the society even if it is  to a smaller degree. Some of the negative effects of technology are given below-

There is high levels of frustration amongst  people today. The excess use of internet, games and  texting  have affected the mental state  of people in a negative manner which lead to frustration.

The wrong use of technology has reduced the tolerance levels amongst people. Technology and society should focus on proper use of the facilities.

The increase  in  texting and online chatting have  deteriorated the writing skills of today’s young generation to a large extent. Reading habit amongst children have also taken a back seat. Digital communication has resulted in  poor handwriting and grammar, wrong spellings amongst the younger lot.

Absence of physical interactivity is the greatest bane of technology. People  have no time to visit each other and interact only through social networks, mobile phones etc. Children do not engage in any physical activity and occupy themselves with online games, chatting, etc. Technology and society should complement each other .But in this case, technology is building a  generation  who do not know how to behave in social circles or even the basic manners they should carry.

A final word on technology and society

Technology and society can work for the betterment of each other. Children should limit their use of these technical gadgets so that it doesn’t  get in the way of their  overall personal development. Nevertheless, they should up date their knowledge of the current technology. Technology  and society  have a deep bond. Technology has made the world a smaller place to live in. Society needs advanced technology to survive and flourish . The phenomenon technology has improved our daily lives and promises to continue to do so in future too.



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