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New Media Technology-The Birth

New media technology -birthNew media technology which started in the 20th century is a kind  of application that  transfers  information through digital and computerized systems or data networks. It is usually related to information transfers that has to be maneuvered in  the desired manner. Most of these procedures are interrelated and have data that is condensed and intended to be accessed in  different markets. The most common examples of new media technology are Internet-based concepts- websites, digital mediums like CD-ROMs and DVDs. The Media of television, film or print media are not a part of new media technology as they are considered old media  .

The concept of new media technology has led to the emergence of  modern computer technology. It has made  the exchange of information easy thus making it a powerful application. New media technology is used by artists to realize new concepts, create  digital-based artwork and video games. These technologies has become popular and has  replaced  traditional mediums, primarily through the implementation of personal computers and video game systems. This is aided by desktop publishing methods that allows for easier image manipulation methods and online publications.

New Media Technology-Interactive

New media technologyNew media technology standards, demand certain similarities between all types of modern mediums. Technology is used in every market around the world. So it is imperative to find a middle ground when developing such technology. Internet has increased the level and speed of communication. The influence of  the Internet in art, music, literature, and film to facilitate digitization and downloading is truly exceptional. It has made various aspects like storing, distributing and   other related tasks faster, easier, and less expensive. New media technology has combined video and telephone  which was earlier two different media .Moreover, new media is  interactive and lets  users utilize the level of information exchange to adapt to new methods to contribute inputs.

New media technology has given a push to business in certain markets. The interactive marketing system has facilitated marketers and producers different  ways to understand and  serve consumers better. Social networking sites allow interactive advertising and  promotions for products and services  and cater to  broad market. This helps companies to seek out and target possible customers. Political leaders can take advantage of new media technology and improve public relations through direct interaction with people. For instance, the President of the United States takes online questions from the American audience to know the pulse of general public.

New Media Technology-Creative

New Media technology has promoted several social campaigns using websites, blogs, and online videos which improve the effectiveness of the movement itself. The use of high volume blogs has allowed numerous views and practices to be more widespread and gain more public attention. Another social change seen coming from New Media technology is trends in fashion and the emergence of subcultures such as Text Speak, Cyberpunk, among others.

Interactivity is no longer limited to individuals who come  face-to-face. It is present in quite a few programs, such as video games. New media technology has made it possible for artists to share their work and interact with their audience- radio and television talk shows, letters to the editor, listener participation in various  programs, and computer and technological programming. Interactive new media   has become a real boon to many because people can express themselves in more than one way with the technology that we have today and sky is the  limit to what we can do with our creativity. New media  can lack interactive dimension at times. The best example is the digital satellite television .Here, the  digital compression considerably increases the number of television channels and the kind of service offered. However it doesn’t change the  the experience of television from the customer point of view .Thus it can be safely concluded that interactivity is not an inherent characteristic of every new media technology.

A Final word on New Media Technology

New media  technology has obviously changed the face of communications and education in a  notable manner than electronic mass media .The focus of any medium or technology is to bring a positive change into human affairs.  Usually technologies bring a new lease of life into current activities like speed, simplicity, affordability etc. Sometimes technologies like  the Internet encourage completely new possibilities. Such new media  has greater significance in its social impact. New media technology is bringing people onto a single platform through Internet or Television. They are sharing latest news, information or knowledge. Apart from this, it also plays a significant role in  detection and prevention of crime,  reaching  out to people in times of natural disaster and calamity ,acting as a voice  of people  ,creating social awareness -to name a few . 



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