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Japanese Technology-An Insight

Japanese technology is one of the leading technologies in the world with Japan being the world’s third largest budget for research and development . Japan has received the most science Nobel prizes in Asia.Japanese technology has started to seep into its diplomatic efforts as well.In fact, Japanese technology is better and more refined  than American technology  because of a higher standard of work, a feeling of self pride and the fusion solution.

Japanese Technology-Reasons for Superiority

japanese technologyJapanese technology is gaining advantage because it  has a high standard of standard  and Japanese culture imposes greater pressure on its people to do well in society. The tremendous growth in Japanese  technology also has resulted in a significantly lower unemployment rate . Japanese people are ready to work hard to gain a promising career in order to bring a good image to their country. People in Japan exhibit tremendous loyalty to their company and  family as well. Also, Japan does not allot huge funds to maintain military force, thus enabling to fund the field of technology. Japanese culture and pride in their ethnic group also contribute to Japanese technology .

Japanese Technology-Impact

The fusion solution is something that Japan has practiced since time immemorial, and it continues to work well even today. Japanese technology makes use of the existing and available techniques to produce new and better products that are custom made for their use. The improved Japanese products enjoy good demand in the market over imported products. The Japanese technology are far superior in the field of electronics, automotive, and materials development. Consumer electronics is one area where Japan has applied the fusion solution. The Japanese currently excel in creating new products that are smaller and more advanced than similar electronics designed elsewhere. Automotive industry is one particular industry where Japan is the leader.  Currently, Japanese automotive companies have an edge in designs to create better and more reliable automobiles for the public. Moreover Japanese vehicles report fewer complaints from the consumers.The Japanese were also the first to develop hybrid technology due to the rising of gasoline prices.  Japanese technology heads the world in the development of new materials that are innovative in strength and heat resistance.Till the recent past,making objects invisible was  limited to  sci- fi movies  ,but now Japanese  researchers have created a technology that makes the objects invisible.

The technology arrived  in 2013,  they developed a invisible cloaks  which was similar to what we had seen in a Harry potter film. This ground breaking technology  uses computers , a video camera and  projector and  to show back ground images on to the front of the subject wearing the specialized clothing  and that will create  the illusion of invisibility. This  Japanese technology of invisibility can be applied in areas to avoid accident, or to help the pilots at the time of flying and doctors.

This Japanese technology creates aids in controlling a vehicle such as a car , airplane  or a helicopter. Five  or more cameras are set up outside of the vehicle, so that  the cameras can capture the images in each direction  to generate a spherical  image  that surrounds the vehicle, and  the captured images are combined. The Japanese technology propose a “Transparent Cockpit” with the help of which the driver can also see the traffic sign on the road, parking lot line , and so on.

Japanese Technology-Conclusion

These magical inventions will put the Japanese technology in the top position in future . High demands from culture and society, a belief of superiority in one’s own ethnic group and the continuous improvement in the existing technology are reasons for superiority of Japanese technology.



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