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Future computer technology:

Future Computer Technology-An overview

Future computer technology development suggest that we are yet to utilize the full potential of computer power and networking possibilities. All we have tapped so far is just the tip of the iceberg. A few years from now, cloud computing will be a thing of past and personal computers will be considered the same way as  mainframe is  today.

Future Computer Technology-Features

The future computer technology will have Web 5.0 . Very soon wireless technology and nano technology will take over the world. People will have robots to carry out their chores. The developments in future computer technology will make the microchips, processors, hard drives and all computer components get smaller. WiFi, MiFi and other Fi’s Foes and Fums will take over the marketplace. The day is not too far away when  we will be able to connect with networks which are supported  by small electronic devices by just  thinking about it.

The next step in the future computer technology is the elimination of small electronic cell phone, palm pilot, laptop, DS, GPS etc . Networks will be extensive that there will be no need to carry small handheld devices. Future computer technology will be so amazing that by just  thinking about logons, passwords, text, photos, music and whatever thoughts cross our heads, we’ll be able to navigate, communicate socially though poles apart. For example, we can tweet by just thinking, at the same time carry on the work in hand.

Future Computer Technology-Inventions and Innovations

The best part of Future computer technology is that it will help people with disability to use robotics as well as tap into these same networks empowering them like never before. The winning combination of human intelligence and machine intelligence would  make the world a better place. The future computer technology will let us use sensations by allowing us to practically touch an object and feel its quality. Although this technology is available in many video games today, it  is unavailable in areas such as textile or food industry. In future computer technology you can not only read and see about your products but also feel a fabric  to know what it feels like or smell to find the odor of a particular food item.

Computers and smart phones are able to do a lot of things today- from predicting weather in a city several miles away in just a fraction of second to making a purchase. The future computer technology will change  the way we conduct our lives. New machines will surface which will be capable to observe and gather information around the world and also understand the environs and feel the objects through senses.

Future Computer Technology-What to expect

The future computer technology looks  so promising that by 2017, computers  will develop the ability to feel the five senses, which is  exclusive to  humans. With out any doubt we can say that the future computer  technology will be completely in touch mode. The keyboards and mouse will disappear and the future computer technology will be human  friendly. Yes,  computers listening and replying to us is soon going to be a reality.



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