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Mobile technology

Mobile technology

Mobile technology can be defined as  the technology used for cellular communication . Since its  inception  the mobile code multiple  access or the CDMA technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. The ordinary cell phone has undergone tremendous transformation from the beginning of this century.It is more than  a mobile phone -with GPS navigation device, an embedded web browser and instant messaging client, and a handheld game console. Mobile computing through tablet computers are gaining popularity. Tablets are available on the 3G and 4G networks.

Mobile technologyThe  latest in  mobile technology  is Mobile voice over internet  protocol or the VOIP.It enables you to make a phone call from your 3G enabled mobile. Unlike your normal phone call, the call is carried through  the internet instead of the mobile network. Since the  internet access is on a fixed cost, you  save quite an amount on international calls and can call to anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Skype which is popular for PC to PC phone calls and few other companies like  Truphone , Fring  etc offer  mobile VoIP service for 3G smart phones.

Blue tooth is  yet another function that is inseparable in the mobile technology . Originally it was designed to let two Blue tooth allowed gadgets to exchange information within short ranges WiFi.A new function called blue jacking has been added which facilitates  delivering unsolicited and anonymous information to another individual’s system within the range of the offender.

moblie technology -blue toothMobile technology innovation is dominating the market with a  valid reason. With an increase in international mobile transmission, it comes as no surprise that mobile technology is being designed to match the demand.People cannot do without their mobile phones .No other gadget commands the connection like mobile phones .The mobile technology is being used  extensively in  this aggressive market   which facilitates smooth and effective functioning  of the market .

Mobile Technology has opened up the market for various mobile operating systems or OS  for smartphones.The most popular are  Google’s Android  and the Apple iPhone. Android is the first completely open source mobile OS, making it free to any cell phone carrier. The Apple iPhone is the most popular smart phone at present  because its user friendly  OS  lets you download applications made by Apple like games, GPS, Utilities, and other tools.

The future of mobile technology lies in taking advantage of the data exchange abilities and growing availability of embedded physical sensors. The next generation smart phones will be able to keep track of your personal data and furnish only that  information you require.Companies are keen to develop  software with new applications in  the new smart phones to take advantage of more accurate location-sensing data. It will not be an exaggeration to state  that the future of computer technology rests in mobile computing with wireless networking

Mobile technology


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