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History of technology

History of technology

The history of technology is not only a systematic study of machine development and  artifacts, but also a study of economic and social development.During the prehistoric age everyone led a nomadic  lifestyle  and had limited use of tools . The initial major technologies was mainly related to survival, hunting, and food preparation in this environment. Fire,stone tools and weapons, and clothing were significant technological developments during this period.It was in the later part of Stone Age that  the basics of agricultural technology developed. During this period, polished stone tools were made from a variety of hard rocks, but later the valuable rocks were hunted by digging underground, which paved way for mining technology. Stone Age culture developed music  and engaged in organized warfare. The 19th century saw remarkable  developments in  the field of transportation, construction, and communication technologies.  Telegraphy was also developed which  helped  the smooth running of  railways .stone age

Other milestones  in the history of technology  were the discovery of incandescent light bulb,manufacture of ships’ pulley blocks,  development of interchangeable machine parts etc.Shoe production was automated and  mass production of sewing machines and bicycles,use of agricultural machinery brought about tremendous overall development.

By the end of the 19th century and towards the beginning of 20th century there was  rapid development in the field of chemical, electrical, petroleum, and steel technologies.Communication technology, transportation technology,  implementation of the scientific method, and investment in research contributed to the advancement of modern science and technology. Scientific advancement directly impacted military research and development.Electronic and computing technologies did not develop as expected due to war. Radio, radar, and sound recording technologies paved the way for the telephone, fax machine, and magnetic storage of data. Energy and engine technology improvements including nuclear power also  developed significantly. Rocket Transport was another important development in the history of technology during this period.The early part of 21st century witnessed some major technological developments in the field of electronics. Broadband Internet access and wireless internet on smart phones became ordinary  in developed countries. 3D printers became more affordable and were finding uses in many areas.History of technology -transportation

Research is continuing into quantum computers, nanotechnology, bioengineering/biotechnology , nuclear fusion , superconductivity, the memristor, and green technologies such as alternative fuels , augmented reality devices , artificial intelligence , and more efficient & powerful LEDs, solar cells, integrated circuits, wireless power devices and batteries .

The History of technology throws light on the fact that  uncertainty and change are inevitable in  technical innovation. They reflect and influence the possible changes in an organizations’ structure and profit and affect the lives of  individuals and the society as a whole.

History of technology


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