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advanced military technology

New military technology

New military technology

New military technology aims to develop techniques to fight back those who attack when we are most vulnerable. The focus is to prevent or stop events like the Boston Marathon bombing and the New town, Connecticut shooting from repeating.

Fortunately, the  scientists are busy developing the next generation of threat detection. Most of  these projects is an attempt to help our troops avoid IEDs and ambushes overseas. But the recent internal happenings has cemented the fact, that danger knows no borders.

Militory technologyThe military technology in modern warfare isn’t just a matter of super-lightweight uniforms, night goggles, and ultra-computerized weaponry.They all have the potential to change the face of war. Rather than any other technology, the country’ s main focus and hard work is on military technology. Scientists are  trying to find out new military technologies, which is useful in the battlefield. Now a days the military technology has graduated to an advanced stage beyond our expectation. The new weapons, manufactured by different countries, has the power to kill millions of people at the same time.  The best example is the Atom bomb. Its aftereffects are even now, suffered by many in the form of cancer.

The evolution of military technology has allowed the US military to move many of its troops out of trouble by implementing precision weaponry coupled with unmanned technologies. In the near future our battlefields could look like something from a sci-fi movie with robots fighting each other and actually operating on artificial intelligence. The machines deployed in unfriendly territory will actually be linked to each other and communicate with soldiers and commanders to warn them of enemy positions or suspicious activities. Also systems like the YAL-1A airborne laser that the United States air force has developed will keep our skies clear of ballistic missile threats.

YAL-1A airborne

As far as military technology is concerned, countries are competing with each other to win the coveted premier position. But the ridiculous thing is that the first position  will be given to the country which will discover the weapon, that can kill maximum number of people. It is for the same reason that new military technology has become very competitive. When we think from the  point of view  of a country ,they are doing the right thing.A nation should give foremost importance to the security of  the people.  The argument that New Military technology is developed to protect the people from it’s enemies is thus justified.

New military technology


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