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Current events technology

Current events technology

Current Events in Technology is  a topic of interest to everyone. Technology has advanced to a level  that  is beyond human expectation . Current events in he  technology includes both information and scientific technology .  This article  explains some of the current events in the technology.

Microsoft’s Xbox One:It  is an upcoming  video game from Microsoft which is intended to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U.It is the successor to the Xbox 360 and a part of eighth generation video games. It was recently announced that Xbox One is the  third console in the Xbox family of consoles.

The Xbox One will give you the experience of watching TV  , Video conferencing, and listening music. People will experience different internet gaming with these facilities.It is not just a game,it is also an entertainment which is  expected to be  released  by this year end . The Net is merged into Xbox apps so that whimsy sports fans can watch a football game.It is also possible to watch how the dream team performs in the field  .The scores are updated the moment a player runs for a touchdown or kicks a field goal.

The killer feature in gmail to  block spam:Google’s new gmail has tabs that make organizing email much easier while enabling to ignore  spam.In the coming weeks  Gmail users will notice that Gmail will have tabs.These tabs  represent the new auto-sorting powers granted to Google’s Gmail in an attempt to make your email more useful. You might say it’s an evolution of the spam blocker.

Another  important  news from the google is that , it has started  using its WebP image format, in its Google + app for Android. As a result ,they are saving many terabytes of  bandwidth  a day .Considering the cost factor it is  saving the users money as well. But of course, Google has self-interest here, too. It pays for its own network usage, so it’s got a lot to gain financially from the efficient bandwidth usage. And when images arrive faster, apps are more responsive and keep the customers engaged who come back for more.

ISON- The Comet of the Century : Comet ISON could become one of the brightest ever seen when it sets up a  dramatic rendezvous with the sun on Nov. 28 this year .It is already remarkably bright and active as shown in  a new set of photos .Comet ISON was discovered in September 2012 by Russian amateur astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok.It has a  well-defined tail of dust and gas even though it is far away from the sun.If the comet doesn’t break apart or fizzle out beforehand, it could put on a spectacular show around this time, scientists say, perhaps blazing as brightly as the full moon.But it’s still too early to tell if ISON will live up to the “comet of the century” expectation, emphasized researchers.

Technology is constantly evolving .So Keep watching this space for the latest current events technology.

Current events technology


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