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Computer technology articles

Computer technology articles

Computer Technology has affected   every aspect  of our life today.  When we talk of technology the first word that crosses our mind  is computer. It is  the most amazing wonder that  the  modern world has witnessed till date.  The first computer was discovered by  Charles Babbage,  at  a  time when technology was  in its nascent stage. Computer gained popularity among scientists and researchers in the  1980’s . Most of the scientists  published  their articles online by the  simple use of computer  TCP/IP connection. Scientists and Computer Geeks started developing applications for computers which would make the tasks simple for common man. There were many computer technology articles published at that time.As a result, computer became popular among common man  in 1990’s, and almost very family in the United States  had a  computer at home.

Computer Technology articles  help people develop the art of creativity. Earlier people created application and  shared  them. This also led to the  establishment of many software companies. Now a days  computer technology had became a major business. People  through  these applications. are able to  do what they want  with computers.  There are many  programming languages that are used to create  these applications such as,  C, C++,Java, Dot net etc.

Nowadays you can connect your mobile phone to your computer and  synchronize  important documents and data. With  internet connection you share files online such as music, video, project files  on the computer.In future Computer  Technology will be more advanced and powerful, yet more powerful simple than what it is today .

Computer technology articles



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