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Women in technology

Women in technology    

womenIt is a fact that women in technology are not a new concept.  It is only in the recent past that the number of women in technology have  shown a downward graph. There are quite a few genuine reasons behind the decline –the main reason being  the fear of sexual harassment. Then there is a belief that women are not smart enough and the tech world is not friendly enough to women.

Obviously, many of the age-old beliefs are proven wrong by today’s new business environment. At one time, it was a foregone conclusion that women and technology are not compatible. When one thought about technology, women were thought of as unfit for the job. However, things have changed and these days, more and more women are entering the field of technology.       women in

Many companies are seeking out women who are skilled in various forms of programming, including Ruby, Visual Basic for Applications, and SQL in order to maintain a balanced technology team. These firms are willing to give good pay packet to make sure they are keeping up with times when it comes to hiring.

Experts forecast a huge potential for women in the field of technology. There is an increase in the number of female students enrolling for the technical education. Though the increase is negligible, it is growing and will continue to rise with each succeeding year.

A deep understanding of technology is becoming more essential across every department in every organization. There is a huge demand for hybrid skills, and women have an edge in these emerging roles that require tech and communication skills. The proportion of women in the workplace has gone up in the recent past, the salary  and the educational gap have reduced significantly, and women are outperforming men across all sectors and industries. Women in technology have leveled the differences.

Facebook’s Sandberg, Yahoo chief executive Marissa Meyer, Mind Candy’s chief operating officer Divinia Knowles and Tech City’s chief executive Joanna Shields are all great examples, but we need more such women power. Women in technology are vital components for any profitable business. It is a formidable challenge to bring women into the forefront of technology. Nevertheless women in technology  brings sustaining energy and a source of strength to the organization.

women in techWomen have been making contributions to the advancement of technology in many organizations. Companies are trying to create meaningful roles for female employees. Many industry heads have realized the value, women could bring to the business equation and have  invested into hiring and training women.

However there are more men than women in the technology-focused careers and the fear of sexual harassment and discrimination is scary. But these things can happen in almost all careers and to both men and women alike. The difficulties to learn technology have reduced to a great extent. It has become more accessible, intuitive and easy to understand. Women in technology lack confidence, and that is one area they need to work on.

The opportunities are plenty. All we need to do is encourage and support the new generation, and make meaningful  investment to the talent of programmers and code specialists. Let’s give the well-deserved female ones a chance to succeed.

Women in technology    


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