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Upcoming Technology

Upcoming Technology

The year 2013 is going to be a special year in the world of technology. We’ve enlisted some of the upcoming technology developments that are set to change the world in the coming years.

Driverless Car: This will become a reality in the near future and it is made possible by a search engine company, Google.The data source is still a guarded secret and the car is powered by artificial intelligence that utilizes the input from the video cameras inside the car, a sensor on the vehicle’s top, and some radar and position sensors attached to different positions of the car. The system has successfully driven 1609 kilometers without human commands and that is really an amazing upcoming technology.

Google Glass:  It is a part of Project Glass, a research and development program by Google to develop a better reality head-mounted display (HMD). Google glasses lets you view social text, Google Maps, as well as get around with GPS and take photos. You will also get the latest up-dates while you are on the ground.
TOI Tech: A perfect technological innovation may be a present technological innovation that has increased up or become appropriate for a wider wide range of uses. It may also be an increasing technological innovation that provides a possibility of perfect business benefits for starting adopters or with potential for important market disruption in the next five years. These technological innovations impact the organization’s long-term applications, applications and tasks.

Oculus Rift: It is the first step in the virtual world of playing games. This path breaking 3D ear mobile phones gets you into a feeling that you are actually playing a video game. The timing is just right as the world is filled with characters playing series  of games  in virtual world.

Eye Tribe: Technology aficionados all along have been keen on Eye tracking as a part of upcoming technology but it’s tough to implement. The Eye Team has made it possible. It has created software that lets users to interact with their mobile device by looking at it. You can activate the screen with your eyes. The websites scroll automatically as you read and you can even play games using your eyes.

Personal Cloud: It is a fairly new idea. It is thought of on the same lines where in the 1970’s everyone could have a Personal Computer. It was unacceptable at that point of time. But Personal Computers turned out to be an idea that was welcomed by people all over the world who today own PCs. It could be a similar fate for Personal Clouds.

Personal Cloud right now is barely beyond the initial stage, but things are looking up. It will gradually replace the PC. Users will see it as a practical, always-available place where they go for all their electronic needs. The personal cloud shifts the focus from the customer system to cloud-based alternatives offered across devices.

As far as upcoming technology is concerned, we are just getting started. It will get even better in the coming years. In the future, we will be able to live just the way people in science fiction movies did.

Upcoming Technology


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