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Green Technology

Green Technology

Green Technology is the current trend of today’s society. It is mandatory to go green to ensure that our planet earth continues to exist one hundred years from now. The vital aspect to this technology is to carry on over a long period of time. For that to happen, we need to devise new methods and techniques to save the world from dangerous procedures, which is depleting our o-zone layer. Green technology intends to take the planet earth back to a couple of centuries, when a much simpler kind of living existed. This kind of technology can be highly beneficial to our planet.

When we employ green technology, it puts in more efficient and smooth practices, which eliminates any kind of wastage thereby saving money. Chemicals are replaced with natural alternatives, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. Green technology is developed to find and create ways of satisfying man’s needs without causing harm to atmosphere or depleting the global organic sources too fast.

The most unique part of green technology is green nanotechnology, which refers to the use of both green chemistry and green engineering to support the whole idea of going green.It finds new sources of energy and also ways to distribute that energy which is crucial to the future of the human race. Green technology uses renewable natural resources like solar power and fossil fuel that never depletes. So future generation can also benefit from them without harming the planet. Promoting recycling is yet another purpose of Green Technology. Providing product solutions that are recyclable and eco valuable will considerably reduce the financial burden and pollution that occurs as a result of development and consumption.

Green technology implies new and innovative methods and materials to create more environmental friendly cleaning products. It intends to change the daily habits of society by bringing focus on household cleaning products, waste, inventions, clothing, energy sources, etc and thus makes it sustainable.

Green technology must be sustainable for everyone everyday  for it to have an impact on the environment in the long run . Sustainability refers to the use of new technologies in a way that will not harm the planet. Green technology researches new ways to use our natural resources without depleting them, and without making it harder for future generations to survive. Another focus of this technology is ensuring that products produced are re-usable in the future.

Green Technology


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