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Technology Websites

Technology Websites

Technology websites has made technical information   readily available at fingertips to people all over the world. With most searches for information starting with the web, technology websites have gained importance like never before. In fact, most potential clients and customers expect companies large and small to have a web site. We pick a few of the best technology Websites from the lot, in alphabetic order.Of course the list is not intended to draw comparisons nor is it judgmental.

AllThingsDigital – This website is the technical core of The Wall Street Journal.  It provides assertive, comprehensive news, views and commentary on the technology industry.

Android-Apps –It was created soon after Google unveiled the Android platform. It is Android-centric site and provides updates on the Android platform and reviews of Android apps. The website also posts news about the growing storehouse of new and old Android Apps that represent the Android Market.

Apple Insider – This website provides news and reviews related to Apple products and also price and buying guides for all Apple-related machines and accessories.

Bits – This esteemed online newspaper’s technology website is a major source of technology news because of its well-timed and well-written tech news.

Boy Genius Report – This website provides with breaking news, info leaks, and other insider reports on new gadget releases before they are officially announced through the mainstream media.

Cnet.com – This website can be considered as Engadget’s equivalent in the business-oriented world of tech reporting. It offers trustworthy news and reports in a professional manner.

Computer World – It is one of the tech industry’s oldest and leading sources of technology news and information for IT players. Computer World is still one of the primary sources for breaking news, industry analysis and opinions.

CrunchGear – This Techcrunch’s gadget blog is Engadget’s close competitor in providing breaking news about cell phones, gaming hardware, software, computers and other tech-related topics.

Digital Trends – It is an important source to find out the best of what technology can offer. This website provides sneak peeks, one-of-a-kind reviews, editorials and news about trend setting consumer technology products.

Engadget – This is one of the foremost sources of breaking tech news and exclusives in the technology world. It updates the news round the clock and continues to rule the roost.

GigaOm – It is one of the top technology news sites on the web at present. It’s comprehensive views and analysis of the VOIP, broadband, mobile phone apps and other related topics make it a favorite site among the tech savvy population.

Intomobile – The men managing this site seem to work round the clock as it updates exclusive news and all mobile-related tidbits. It has become   a major source for mobile related news, views and opinions.

Lifehacker – A favorite go-to site for tech-related productivity tips, news and how-to articles, Lifehacker helps all of us to work smart and save time through its recommended app and software downloads which we would have otherwise missed, but for this website’s coverage.

Mashable – It is one of the most widely read technology news site .It certainly deserves its place among the top three as it is the foremost providers of latest tech news .Mashable offers feature top lists, startup reviews, and comprehensive industry-specific comparative articles.

PCWorld – It is an online version of the popular magazine, which provides quick access to solid reviews of tech products, pricing information, news and freeware and shareware downloads.

ReadWriteWeb –Comprehensive and penetrating articles make this website prominent from the crowd. It is the closest rival of Mashable when it comes to delivering web 2.0, social media and startup-centric news.

Search Engine Land –You can expect this website to provide latest search engine news and reviews, SEO, search engine marketing, and news about the three major search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Slashgear –The articles in this website are unique, useful and fresh. Slashgear deals with everything from cutting-edge tech gear and gizmo to the latest digital lifestyle trend.

Slashdot – This web site provides a wide range of news from around the Web as well as from the Linux and Open Source industry.

Techcrunch – It is one of the trio in the web’s top three widely read and major tech news site, the other two being Engadget and Mashable.It is still considered as the ultimate source for anything and everything on startups, Web 2.0, social networking and of course VCs. Techcrunch is the first to offer breaking interesting news or exclusive coverage.

TheNextWeb – The website’s plus point is in providing news and views from a global viewpoint. The site’s design is informal unlike many of the tech sites we see every day.

Unwired View – This website is for those who want to know anything and everything about the wireless industry. It outshines most others for breaking news about mobile phones, accessories and apps.

Venturebeat – This web site concentrates primarily on private companies and has recently expanded its coverage from Silicon Valley startups to other VC-related news and reviews.

This list may not include all the players in the Technology websites. We have tried to organize the technology sites in the best possible way without any favoritism.


Technology Websites


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