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New Computer Technology

New Computer Technology

Technology has seeped into every factor of our way of life these days. It is important to keep abreast of the latest developing technology in the present competitive scenario. If you belong to the technology sector, it becomes all the more important to be aware of the latest designs and developments in technology. You need to have a strong understanding of each and every detail pertaining to technology whether it is Linux, Unix, Solaris or Windows based PC, or a complex engineering like virtualization. In short, you have to have an absolute understanding of the ever-evolving technology.

Till recent past, there were only three types of circuit components–resistors, inductors, and capacitors. There seemed to be the possibility of a fourth type of component way back in 1971, one that would be able to measure the flow of electric current called the memristor.  Hewlett-Packard has built one recently.

Memristor is the The Next Big thing. It is a microscopic component that can “memorize” how much current has passed through it. It’s likely to be cheaper and faster than flash storage. It is capable of becoming a one-element circuit component with unique properties. They could also replace RAM chips, so that, after you turn off your computer, it will remember exactly what it was doing when you turn it back on, and return to work instantly.  It will take more than 2 decades time for memristor-based analog computers. It will make PC’s much more affordable, faster and pocket sized.

32-Core CPUs From Intel and AMD is another new computer technology. Your CPU is outdated if it has just a single core. Quad-core is common these days. Even laptop computers have four cores. It is just the beginning of the core wars Leadership in the CPU market will soon be decided by who has the most cores, not who has the fastest clock speed.

Taptu: News app Taptu has added a feature called Magic, starting with a new version of its Android app that just went live.If you are looking for an iPhone that has the dual facility of mobile as well as internet then  Taptu is the answer. Taptu is a cellular company that just launched its iPhone version that can be down loadable from The apple company App Shop for free. The new on the Internet look for engine is simple to use and fast. According to Taptu blog site, it has more than 3 million sites currently in its collection.

Opera Unite: Safari has launched a new technology that can convert your PC into a personal web host-hosting server managing within Safari web browser. That web host-hosting server can be used to talk about everything from facts to songs with other PCs on the web without the need of 3rd party applications. Known as Safari Combine, the technology have just been launched and assures to make your pc more that just a silly terminal.

Have you ever given a thought as to how the internet looks like?The Internet is a complex concept to understand or explain. Peer 1 Hosting, an Internet hosting company’s new app for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices displays an interactive 3-D map, which shows links between all the interconnected networks that constitutes the Internet. The network view shows a very different view of the Internet. It puts the most central, interconnected nodes at the top and the nodes with the fewest connections at the bottom. Within those divisions, the app then places individual nodes near other nodes they’re closely connected with. Computer technology is changing everyday. By the time you read this article many new technologies would have emerged.

New Computer Technology



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