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Emotional wellness is to be aware of and accept our feelings, rather than disagree with them. Being emotionally well is more than just managing stress. It requires you to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, be it positive or negative. Mental or emotional health is the totality of an individual’s thoughts, feelings and actions, particularly when faced with life’s challenges and stresses.  Mental health and physical health are two sides of the same coin. Mental health is vital to maintain good physical health. Mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, affect people’s ability to interact in a desirable manner. On the other hand, physical illness such as chronic diseases can have a serious effect on mental health and delays a person’s ability to cooperate in treatment and recovery.

Various cultures have varying expectations for mental health. However, some common characteristics are likely to be present in individuals with good mental health such as sense of well-being and contentment, the ability to enjoy life, to laugh and have fun, participate in life to the fullest extent possible through meaningful activities and positive relationships, self esteem and confidence, so on and so forth.

The condition of being mentally or emotionally healthy is desirable for the various advantages it offers. Mental disorders are among the most common causes of disability. Mental health disorders are the main cause of disability in the United States and Canada. Good mental health isn’t just the absence of mental health problems. Health-care experts identify a mental problem by collecting extensive healthcare, family, and mental-health information. Sufferers tend to benefit when the expert considers their customer’s entire lifestyle and background. This includes social, spiritual and cultural background, and socioeconomic position. The healthcare evaluation will usually include lab assessments to assess the individual’s mental health and to discover whether or not the individual has a healthcare problem that might produce psychological symptoms. In addition to providing treatment that is appropriate to the analysis, identifying the presence of mental diseases that may co-occur and dealing with those issues is equally important when trying to improve the lifestyle of individuals with a mental sickness. For example, individuals with schizophrenia are at increased risk of having a drug abuse, depression, panic and self-destruction.

It is imperative to take care of mental health by keeping ourselves occupied in a positive manner and taking timely and appropriate mental health assistance. Mental health is a condition of effective of mental function, leading to productive activities, rewarding relationships with other people, and the ability to come to terms with change and accept challenges. Mental health is essential to personal well-being, family and interpersonal relationships, and the ability to contribute to community or society.




  1. […] Psychological wellness is not merely the absence of mental illness, but it also the ability to cope with the challenges in lifestyle. Psychological wellness is as important as wellness to everybody. Youths usually experiment with behavior, performances, and actions. Most of their tests are safe, but some tests may have terrible results. Children and youths experience mental wellness such as stress, anxiety, pestering, close relatives issues, depressive disorders, learning impairment, etc. Serious mental wellness issues, such as self-injurious actions and committing suicide, are increasing among youngsters. […]

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