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Future of Technology

Imagine how a computer will look three decades from now, after all the maturing they have undergone in the past. Now imagine what tablets and smart phones will look like in 30 years that is if they even exist, as we know them today. We have absolutely no idea.

Technology should be kept simple yet functional. Therefore the future of technology will be one, which is usable as well as simple. The more we understand technology, the more we discover and realize how technology can be utilized to make our lives better. As the industry develops we understand better how to make things more usable and simple. This natural path is a tough terrain, but an inevitable one as the industry will learn how to build more usable devices and the users will learn how make better use of the technology around them. But sometimes utility and practicality will be overpowered by the element of emotion and will spring a surprise or two in the future of technology. A device that delights will surely find market. For instance the Coke tastes better than a glass of water even though it has no nutritional value. Nevertheless, the future of technology moves toward better usability and simplicity.

Smart phone technological innovation has, in one way or another, been around for a good few years now. However, the idea has survived through the ages, modifying regularly to match the modifying needs of our community. In the same way, Product technological innovation has brought together the functionality of a laptop computer or PC with the functionality of a small, portable system. Search engines lately revealed its much-anticipated ‘Project Glass’ – a set of contacts with a built-in photographic camera and track-pad, which shows information and pictures translucently overlaid in the person’s perspective, enabling for authentic traveling with a laptop. The technological innovation is still in-development, and seems to be somewhat complicated, but if the idea takes-off, then there are a number of prospective programs. First of all, in a realistic way, individuals engaged in Army, Law-Enforcement or Newspaper efforts could use them to flow stay movie to superiors, or to capture pictures for later use, while making them automatically. Secondly, given the market for public networking on the go, such as via app for iPhone or Android, people could frequently use the technological innovation to capture and discuss pictures and movie for their buddies, or simply to communicate with them almost, while out-and-about.

As innovation and adaptation advance we will no doubt see an increase in usefulness and simplicity in all future technological markets and industries. The race is no longer about who can make the most useful product. But it is about who can make the most delightful product at the most affordable cost. Those who give priority to delight their customers through their product will find ways to advance in the market.

There is still a long and bright road ahead for the future technology. Internet has an element for information on small variety of articles and educational justifications to large. It exercises influence with regards to the amount of details discovered. But, it is better not to become too dependent on this resource of details as the primary method for interaction.




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