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Microsoft Puts its money on Surface Pro’s Business Authenticity:

Microsoft on Thursday laid out the specifications and pricing of its Surface tablet with Windows 8 Pro, which goes on sale in January. It will offer the 64 GB standalone versions at $899 and the 128 GB standalone versions at $999, both including a Surface pen with Palm Block technology. Palm Block prevents pen-based input from being interrupted when users place their palms on the tablet’s screen.

Apple launches iTunes 11 Powered-Up MiniPlayer : Apple released a new version of iTunes for Windows and OS X on Thursday, giving a face-lift to the software’s interface, uplifting the look of its store, and enhancing integration with cloud services. It was the software’s first major patch up since September 2010. In user libraries, Apple has opted for a graphical layout consisting of thumbnails of all media content in the collection discarding the spreadsheet look.

Expected Apple Products Of 2013:The next possible big launch from Apple’s bag of items for the springtime could be its “television”. Gossips of Apple Company TV have been widespread for decades. So the season 2013 can be the best interval to trend a natural the flag for the Apple Company TV or which may be known as ‘ iTV’ as Apple’s nomenclature follows.


Barcode Scanner from Android: You can now scan barcodes from your groceries and pantry items via a Google Web search or Google’s shopping Web pages. This app provides a master list with check boxes, and you simply check a box when you’ve replenished supplies.  It is simple yet superior to the apps that make you scan or enter the product label text each time. It is the fastest way to gather product intelligence, and it provides something earlier impossible.





Basis Fitness Monitor Arrives:The Basis wearable fitness monitor, which was announced way back in January at the 2012, has finally been dispatched. It was a sell out but it can be reserved for $199. Basis is not without competition in the market. Notable names like Jawbone, Lark Life and Nike are competing for the market.

Amazon Unveils ‘Profoundly Disruptive’ Data Warehouse:Amazon Web Services has introduced RedShift, an on-demand data warehouse service that is best for the analysis of huge sets of data. RedShift is described as extremely disruptive and its success will reduce the economic boundary between on-premises and cloud usage and data will seek its lowest-cost home more rapidly than before.



Linux in Lilliput:Linux Girl has reported that the tiny linux powered PCs is almost about to hit the market. It is almost six months since she wrote about the invasion of the tiny, Linux-powered PCs, and she’s delighted to announce that the Tiny $57 PC is like the Raspberry Pi, but faster and fully open. Meet the PengPod, a ‘true Linux’ tablet starting at $120″ was yet another report.



Microsoft’s presence desired in the Smart phone World:Apple’s share of U.S. smart phone sales skyrocketed with the launch of the iPhone 5 to beat Android. In the last couple of weeks, Android notched up 46.7 percent of smart phone sales while the iPhone walked off with 48.1 percent, according to data from Kantar World panel.




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