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Attach up to 10GB in Gmail using Google Drive: When you have to transfer video files very often, attachments can sometimes get really tedious. The limit of 25MB offered by Gmail at present seems inadequate. Gmail has come out with an irresistible offer that lets you send across files up to 10GB in size, using Google Drive.However,the icing on the cake is that you can now insert files directly from Google Drive into your email, without having to leave Gmail. The capacity is nearly 400 times larger than a traditional attachment limit of 25 MB.

Microsoft claims 40 million Windows8 license sold since its launch in Oct 2012: Microsoft declared a massive sale of 40 million Windows 8 licenses since its launch on October 26, 2012.

Apple confirms that the new iMac will be in the market  in Nov 2012: With just a couple of days to go, Apple states that the new iMac will hit shelves on November 30, 2012. The iMac was made public at the same event where Apple exhibited the iPad Mini. But not surprisingly, the tablet was the showstopper.

Grand TheftAuto (GTA) available through Android App: This is a news bit that will light up every GTA fan’s face. GTA Radio stations will be now available through an app on the Google Play store. If you are a GTA fan and love the radio stations in it, this app is a nice way to experience the gaming sessions.

Intel presents Itanium 9500 series for mission critical data centers: The Itanium 9500 series offers some remarkable advantages over the older generation of Itanium processor, with a new micro architecture doubling the cores and output. The core frequency is now up to 2.53GHz, with an 8% lowered TDP, and 80% less idle power draw. It succeeds the “Tukwila” generation of Itanium processors, and meant to provide a platform that is tailor-made for consolidating legacy RISC and mainframes in a dedicated system, which is also capable of handling mission-critical computing in increasingly cloud-centric data centers.

It is Official, Wii Mini arrives in Dec: Nintendo has confirmed the Wii Mini ‘s debut on its website and also revealed its price. It is  $99.99! The image you see is visible on the website along with confirmation of the December 7 release date. Unfortunately, clicking on the image does not lead to a page full of details about the Wii Mini. During its promotion, manufacturers highlighted the advantages of two-screen activity playing, particularly contests in which the gamer with the Game Pad recognizes something different from what the other gamers observe on the TV. If one goes by the image, then Wii Mini appears to be a smaller unit. If that’s final packaging, then it doesn’t look as though Nintendo has included a first-party game in the box, which is no good news either. However, if the price is very low then retailers will surely offer discounted games with a Wii Mini purchase and still make it a tempting deal.

Would a low-priced Wii Mini lure you into a purchase? If so, how cheap would it need to be? The organization’s wish is that the Wii U will carry family members together in their lounges for touch-screen activity playing rather than keep them separated with their pills and mobile phones!






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