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Terrorist Scorns US Bounty:The U.S. has put $10 million bounty on the alleged mastermind of the 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai. The terrorist has ridiculed  the US bounty.

Fire in Russian Mosque:The latest reports show that at least six people were wounded when two masked men opened fire inside a mosque in Russia’s North Caucasus region Saturday night.

Fighting in Afghan: Reports have come in that the Afghan National Army soldiers and coalition forces have killed rebels in several provinces in Afghanistan.

Suicide Attack in Pakistan: In Pakistan a suicide bomber attacked a senior police officer in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar, killing at least five people and injuring several people of whom some were critical. Destruction to buildings and vehicles was widespread. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Explosion in Iraq:  Explosion near Baghdad kills 27 Iraqis and wounded several others. No one has made any claim of responsibility so far.

Syrian Conflict:In Syria, the country’s speaker’s brother was shot dead early Tuesday .He was on his way to his work in the capital, Damascus. The country has witnessed some of the fiercest fighting for quite some time, which has caused the deaths of an estimated 36,000 people.

Explosion in Beirut kills at least eight people and injured dozens: The car blast took place near the workplace of the Christian Phalange Party headquarters on Friday. The bombing took place due to growing stress in Lebanon as a result of the issue in Syria. Lebanon has seen a latest increase in attack appropriate to the soft Syrian public war that has built over the edge.

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