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The latest news on War in Afghanistan is that America has modified its plan of ending the war. Rather they want the Afghans to find a solution for themselves in the coming years after majority of the allied forces leave the country. This also assures that Pakistan is involved in the final settlement. Despite the attempt of peace talks with Taliban leaders, American Military and diplomatic foresee significant progress only after 2014, once greater part of the troops withdraw.

African wars are mainly civil wars. Most of the violence takes place within borders, not across them. The majority of wars in Africa have involved armed groups called rebels. The cold war was at its peak when Africa got their independence. So, most of the internal politics in Africa is the result of East –West rivalry. The latest news is that the continent’s business potential is growing and it is predicted that by 2020, Africa’s GDP will grow to one sixth of the size of the American economy today. The reasons are quite obvious, the persistent demand for Africa’s commodities, like oil, gold and copper, and, in some places, better government policies. Angola and Ghana, which both pump oil, are now among the fastest-growing economies in the world. But at the same time, the latest news is that many parts of Africa are clearly tumbling deeper into violence, chaos, and obscurity due to Civil and ethnic wars.

Violence in Syria is growing out of control. Recent reports show that the rebels in Syria are told to maintain the international rules of war after a video emerged supposedly showing opposition fighters executing captured government troops.

The mother of all wars today is the campaign against extremist Islam, in which the United States compromises its democratic principles to support dictators prepared to join hands in fighting terrorists. In the North of Africa, which is a breeding ground of Islamist extremism, America’s newfound friend is Ethiopia. The United States assists the Ethiopian army by granting millions of dollars in aid every year and even provides intelligence service. The government takes extreme steps in punishing even mildly rebelling Ethiopians and they have very remote chance of standing up against American fed Government forces.

However there is no justification of war, no matter where it is fought-within the borders or across…

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