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WAR And Its Effect On Soldiers 

WAR And Its Effect On Soldiers

War can cause many problems on the soldiers of a country which started or which won the war.  Soldiers not only suffer on the battlefield. It is sure to severely affect the true warriors, the soldiers who stake their lives to guard their motherland. Wars not only affect the soldiers’ life but also result in serious emotional effects on the soldiers of war. Wars stir their emotions; they affect their lives and impact their states of mind. Long after the war is over and done with, the soldiers often require long-term care as a result of the physical and psychological impact of war. Contagious diseases like TB easily spread in war time conditions because of the close contact. The physical exertion of battle could throw light on other health problems including asthma and heart conditions. Moreover, being away from home for long periods of time can trigger problems at home or work which in turn cause stress. This is more pronounced in case of National Guard and Reserve troops who were not expected to be away for so long. Almost half of those who have served in the current wars have been Guard and Reservists. Military sexual trauma or MST is another cause of stress . This is sexual assault or repeated, threatening sexual harassment that occurs in the military. It can happen to men and women during peacetime, training, or war.

Nothing was known much about the emotional effects of war on soldiers ,not until soldiers were studied psychologically .After much studies we all now know what happens to them post war. Psychological disorders associated with war. In World War I, this problem was known as Shell Shock. During World War II, this was called Combat Fatigue. Now, it is known as PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder .It is defined as a condition in which a person experiences enduring physical or psychological symptoms after an extremely stressful event or series of events. It is a diagnosis made by doctors on a regular basis for patients who have suffered major traumas such as rape or a car accident. It was due to soldiers of the Vietnam war that the disorder was discovered, yet their symptoms had been synonymous with war veterans from hundreds of years before.

One of the problems that soldiers sometimes complain about is that the people at home can’t relate to what they’ve been through. But that’s okay. We can bring people together who have been through that same experience. The actual emotional effects of war on soldiers is far more shocking and rather sad to the family and friends of veterans that after what they’ve been through, they still continue to suffer. PTSD and shell shock are symptoms of the brain’s efforts to handle the pain and not being able to do so effectively. With PTSD in soldiers, the sufferer will often be reminded or go through the specific suffering of war, may be in their dreams, or even in their thoughts or when they close their eyes. They hallucinate and feel as though they are in the battle field when they sleep ,get drunk or on drugs or even when fully awake.

They easily react to anything that brings back memories of the sufferings and are reluctant to accept anything that they associate with war. They distance themselves from the social gatherings as loud noises sound like bombings, or crowds of people look similar to trenches.
Once you understand their point of view, it is easy to think from their perspective. The distress that soldiers experience during war make it difficult for them to be the same, at least emotionally. It is because of the fact that they have come so close to death and often fear that they will leave someone behind. The emotional effects of war on soldiers is a handicap for their future achievements as they are unable to imagine or plan. Veterans of war who experience PTSD are hesitant to marry or have children, because they have gone through the near death like situations and harbor the fear that they may die any day.

There is ray of hope for those who suffer from PTSD. The initial step for soldiers returning from war or any Veteran suffering from PTSD is to go their local Veterans Hospital (VA) and get the diagnosis. File papers for disability. Seek out treatment from the VA in support groups, find a good guide who fully understands PTSD and helps them back to lead a normal life, or search for a mental health professional who can treat PTSD. Many cannot do so. The important point here is to find a therapist or professional person you can connect to, someone you feel comfortable with and can work with, in order to develop a strong relationship with. Of course, this cannot be achieved in a jiffy. There are many ways of approach for PTSD and it is a teamwork to find which one suits you best.

War is a manifestation of death and destruction. It is a display of all the negativities of life. A war is the result of lack of peace and it brings happiness to none. Wars deeply affects all the nations involved in it. They influence the nations’ economy and the life of its citizens. If a war can severely impact the countries at war, it is equally a scarring experience for many soldiers. Of course, nothing can prepare them for warfare, seeing close friends die and narrowly escape death themselves. But the silver lining is that with the right care, soldiers can recover from their traumatic experience., We need to find out ways to protect them from mental trauma even before they are sent to fight. That will be far better than treating the symptoms after the deep psychological damage is done.

WAR And Its Effect On Soldiers


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