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Iran will be attacked in 2012 ?

Iran will be attacked in 2012 ?

Iran has refused to give up its quest of nuclear program despite the sanctions imposed by the Western forces and its allies, coupled with its nagging domestic problems . With its economy in doldrums and the world isolating Iran, an attack by U.S or Israel would be the last straw in the hat. By vowing to keep a captured US drone the Iranian government is once again defying the United States of America. Even before the drone incident Iranian officials including its President and the minister of defense general have been launching volley of threats against Israel and Western states in anticipation of either strong reaction or worse air strikes before this year is over. To worsen the situation further the American and Israel officials have also been contemplating the pros and cons of a surgical missile or air strike to take out Iranian facilities such as the one in Peshawar which is long suspected of being the center of activities to produce high grade enriched uranium. Along with numerous veiled threats by US Republican Presidential candidates and Israeli government officials to launch preemptive air strikes targeting such facilities, the U.S. and its allies think that the time to bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities is now or never. They fear a major humanitarian tragedy due to widespread radioactive fallout. This has made the Iranians more jittery than ever.
We all know that the West and particularly the United States, England France and Germany have sufficient military force to wipe out the Iranian facilities suspected of being incubators for enriching uranium not only once but many times over. But one is not sure whether the Iranians are actually trying to produce weapon grade uranium and if that is the case, how much of progress has it achieved .Although the plan for a nuclear bombing was looming large for quite sometime, the two sides have remained patient with each other in order to avoid a nuclear holocaust. On the other hand, Iran as a Shi’a nation has its own version of an Armageddon except in their scenario they are the good guys who are destined to suffer but ultimately come up on top.It was thought that the U.S. would attack Iran in the year 2010.But now, it is history that The U.S. has not attacked Iran in 2010 or even in 2011 but a possible attack in 2012 is predicted by the Republicans .If it happens, there will be a series of bombing attacks over about a week and it will target those locations that are heavily populated .In the event, thousands of innocent civilians will be killed and that includes women and children.
The U.S. President will claim that they cannot allow the Iranians to get a nuclear bomb. They have a solid plan in hand for their attack on Iran and are itching to go , according to sources at several independent organizations monitoring the situation. The main aim of this attack is to drag Iran into a full fledged war with America and its allies so that the prevailing anti American government can be replaced with the one that will be an ally. The attacks will be by planes and missiles. As the U.S. has little know how about the target location , the attack is going to be an extensive and a fairly long one. In the process, the areas around the target sites is also going to be ruined.
The American military is in total charge of the situation and is pressurizing the President for this attack everyday. Unless Iran, gives up on their nuclear program, the attack is sure to take place. The American military in association with Israel has got approval for this from the U.S. President. The missiles will be fired from the U.S. bases in Afghanistan and Iraq and also from those along the submarines. Hundreds of carrier planes will be launched. The US missile sites on land are ready and the navy has ships located in the Indian Ocean. This is a plan that includes supplement attacks by F-117 stealth fighters staging from al Udeid Airbase in Qatar and B-2 stealth bombers from Diego Garcia.
This attack will make the bombing of Iraq look like a picnic and the damage done in the course will be beyond comprehension. Although there is some cause of concern regarding the Iranian nuclear program the actual intention is to replace the government with one that is pro America. This can be brought about only through a war.
America intends to bomb Iran before pulling out the troops from Iraq. This is to facilitate the forces to easily cross into Iran and begin the long battle to replace the anti-America government. The build-up of American forces is a part of this plan. The U.S. and its allies are working out a plan to stop the Iranian government from gaining ground and an indirect strike against Iran was in the planning. The Plan is improved over the past two years and is ready to be implemented.
If things go as planned the U.S. will be fighting on Iranian soil in the year 2012. The Republicans will go all out for this war. Some of the Democrats are expected to go along in this invasion .This plan is greatly approved by those companies who make a fortune during wartime. Although the Israelis want to go ahead without the U.S. backing they don’t have the same kind of forces as the U.S and cannot be as effective as the U.S. in causing damage. In the event that either the United States or Israel or both launch pre-emptive air strikes on Iran and successfully destroy all or most of the nuclear facilities, it would naturally irritate the Iranians and act as deterrent on the United Nations’ efforts to reach a peaceful resolution to the crisis. The job responsibility of the UN Secretary General would then be that of presiding over negotiations between the rivals and shuttling between the combatants in the hope of breaking up the fight before it goes out of hand.Honestly, this war is neither going to benefit the U.S in particular or the world in general. Rather it would make the situation worse. The war is not going to make the world a better and safer place to live. This impending war on Iran will bankrupt America both financially and morally. The only beneficiaries of this war, will be the war profiteers and their friends.
The reality is ,the world is not in danger from a nuclear Iran. We are aware that all the terrorists are based in nuclear Pakistan .Everyone agrees that Pakistan is a far bigger threat than Iran. We must put an end to these needless wars and work out strategies to disarm our existing and potential enemies.
If the war on Iran turns out to be a reality, Middle East ,which is considered as the cradle of civilization and the birth place of world religions could witness a great tragedy. There would be immense damage and suffering in that region. A nuclear exchange in that part of the world, especially if it is not controlled without delay ,would drive other nations including those with nuclear capabilities to take sides and the war between a few nations would soon turn into a World War III , a war that ends all wars. Each one of us should earnestly hope that the deadlock in the negotiations between the West and Iran over its nuclear program would end and that both sides would act reasonably for the benefit of humanity and avoid the devastating war scenario.

Iran will be attacked in 2012 ?


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