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Win a war With Brain Not With weapon

Win a war With  Brain Not With weapon

Hay Just here –

Well if you want to win a war- Do not think a battery of Army , Air Force, Navy and weapon system, is enough but a excellent head or heads required to get the tempting victory in war.

Trenches and treacherous tactics will combine to win the ground while Air can be won by optimum and optimized approach where sea will win by those who can sue most excellent ideas in war.

Hay experts use to say- is and is an old axiom – in world war 2- Europe was won by British brains, American brawn, and Russian blood. Is that right? Brainy British used brain to minimize loses while thy throw Russians to shed blood and glory was shared in-between with less blood by British.

Examples- Attack from behind- All are fair in war and love , am I right? so why can’t go for attack from behind. It is nice to attract enemy to you while your units come from behind to attack them, then derail them and your units and you together can sandwich the enemy for a nice dinner.

Miscommunications-. Deliberately create communications exclusively for enemy and lure them to act according to that. Enemy may think them as real and will fall to trap.

Use of Spy- Appoint spy network to gather vital information about enemy and finish them by taking or planning necessary steps to thwart their attack plans.

Make to smaller Aims and attack- Large enemy can not be won easily. So make them in to small parts attack each part with full strength and destroy them part by part.

Win a war is our aim so why don’t worry using full force instead of substantial level. Use complete force and crush the enemy is the way to win-

Written by Jonathan- For INFONF. – Published by Admin

Win a war With  Brain Not With weapon


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